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  • Developing a Streaming Plugin for media composer

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to create a plugin that streams the timeline from avid media composer. I came across the Open I/O sdk which i thought could help me create the plugin and downloaded the evaluation toolkit. I have setup the sample plugin, And i am trying to find any documentation relevant to...
    Posted to Avid Open I/O Forum (Forum) by jasmanprxxt on Thu, Aug 24 2023
  • Loudness Monitoring - Audio plugin needed for MC

    Izotope's plugins used to work with Media Composer but their new versions no longer support MC. Can something be done or any suggestions for this area? Would make life a bit easier for checking simple jobs for broadcast without having to go to another program. How does Avid discuss this with its...
    Posted to Avid Pro Video & Film Feature Requests Forum (Forum) by TMVC on Fri, Jul 14 2023
  • Plugin Localization

    Hello, I'm trying to localization our AVX plugins at the moment and I'm facing few problems. By looking into the SDK, I found out this: ACFATTR_Definition_Language , which seems to always returns 'en' what ever UI lanagage Im using. Note that I'm using this documentation to change...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by abizeau on Thu, Jun 1 2023
  • How to retrieve the project directory via SDK

    Hi, I'm developing an AVX2 plugin and on a specific time I'd like to create a file under the project directory [1] where my effect is currently applied on. In order to do this I need a way to retrieve the current project directory. I know there is a function GetModuleFileName() for dll's...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by therion21 on Fri, Feb 11 2022
  • iNEWS Locked Story Crashing Microsoft WPF Drag and Drop Application

    We are developing a plugin using Microsoft WPF Drag and Drop ( to drag elements into our iNEWS rundowns. However when a story is locked (ie. another user is actively editing a story and all other users are locked out), dragging and dropping from the plugin into...
    Posted to Avid iNEWS Developer Forum (Forum) by jesse.truong on Fri, Feb 11 2022
  • Question about plugin development

    Hello! In plugin I need to start sequence rendering process and then check in to Interplay DB. Can I do it with that API? If no, can you tell me, which of the APIs ( I need to use? I'm newest in AVID ecosystem, so maybe my question sounds strange, sorry. Any help would...
    Posted to Avid Open I/O Forum (Forum) by nikin on Wed, Nov 10 2021
  • Integration MediaCentral with Media Composer

    Hello! I need to implement plugin for integration between MCUX and Media Composer to solve the next workflow. I have sequence with not rendered effects. In MCUX player window I see message "Unrendered effects". On a separate machine I have a Avid Media Composer. I want to have Render and Refresh...
    Posted to Avid MediaCentral Developer Forum (Forum) by nikin on Mon, Nov 8 2021
  • Re: Effect Error Message - ???

    G'day and welcome to the forums! The D-verb plug-ins are standard with every Media Composer. Your screenshot did not attach (not your fault, these forums are just buggy)... so could you let us know what you/the editor is attempting as well as the exact error received. Hopefuly we can help you then...
    Posted to Media Composer: Get Started Fast (Forum) by Marty McLean on Fri, Oct 29 2021
  • Re: Help needed with Qt based plugins

    Thank you, Marianna! I will forward the answers to the team. To answer your last question, yes, the plugin we are developing will launch its own UI through Avid's effects control panel, similar to many 3rd-party plugins (Baselight for Avid, Sapphire Builder, NewBlue Titler, etc.) That user interface...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by Charbel R on Fri, Sep 3 2021
  • Re: Help needed with Qt based plugins

    Thank you, Tom, for this valuable information. I will pass it on to the team and reply with the results or more questions :) Much appreciated!
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by Charbel R on Fri, Sep 3 2021
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