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  • Avid export error messages

    Everytime I export a sequence, these error messages pop up: I'm running Avid MC 2023.3 on M1 Mac Studio Ventura 13.2 with 64 GB RAM
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by lastgreat26 on Fri, Apr 21 2023
  • Export 25p project as 50p

    Hi to you all! I want to export a project that's in 25p as a 50p mxf. Now there's no setting for this in the export window. So I create a 50p project and opened the sequences there. A dialouge appeared asking me if want the 25p sequence to be modified to the projects framerate (yes, I do). The...
    Posted to Media Composer: Get Started Fast (Forum) by Robubble on Fri, Apr 9 2021
  • Exception: std Error Upon Exporting

    Hey all! Got an odd error message today and I was hoping I could get some help with it. I'm working on a short film right now, and every time the playback gets to a certain point, it just stops suddenly without warning. I hit play when it stops at that point, but it goes back to the very beginning...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by John Rizzi on Tue, Nov 3 2020
  • Feature Request: VFX shot Manager

    Mark VFX shots in a timeline that indicates the shot as a VFX shot by a unique clip colour. When clip is marked as VFX shots in a timeline it gives the clip a unique number as VFX shot number which is automatically assigned in consecutive order (or Custom order) with a default custom defined prefix and...
  • I know it's old but Gamma Shift

    Hi All, I'm trying to export my sequence into Squeeze so that I can make an x264 or mainconcept h264 but even when I export SAS there is a gamma shift when bring it in to Squeeze. I've tried exporting SAS, exporting as QT reference, mixing down the video to pro res then exporting SAS. Still no...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by rominarey on Fri, Jun 16 2017
  • Exporting just a portion of a sequence to an mp4 file

    Hi there, I'm still in my first month of using Avid and this is my first post to the Community after searching. All I wish to do is export a small 30 second portion of a sequence to an mp4 file. Would someone be able to share the step by step process? Hugh
    Posted to Media Composer: Get Started Fast (Forum) by minceontoast on Fri, Mar 31 2017
  • Export license.

    I've got two machines at home and I would love to be able to kick an export out for my producer on one machine while I continue working on the other - this would be so much more efficient than what I'm doing now. So my suggestion is that, maybe for a little bit more $$$ a month, one machine can...
  • Re: Exporting Difficulties

    I changed the compression type to MPEG-4 Video and that seems to have solved it. However, I looked at some Avid clips I exported a year ago and they also have the "Black screen yet perfect audio" problem. Do you think the problem might be my laptop rather than my Avid settings? Perhaps something...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by RockyRed42 on Fri, May 6 2016
  • Exporting Difficulties

    Hi, I've been using Avid for light freelancing work for several years now, although I'm not sure I would call myself an "advanced" user...Anyway I've exported serveral projects on Media Composer 7 and I noticed that while the audio on the exported clips are fine, the viusals don't...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by RockyRed42 on Wed, May 4 2016
  • Avid 8.5 for better or worse. I want a divorce!

    It took me hours to upgrade to 8.5. I had to call tech support so they could take over my computer and dump Library files and then manually make changes in my subscription. Last time, it was the same trauma, but it took me much longer to find a way to contact Avid from overseas. Don't get me wrong...
    Posted to Media Composer: Get Started Fast (Forum) by F J L Inc on Wed, Mar 2 2016
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