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  • Master Clip duration not updated

    Hello With an extrernal application I’m checking in Interplay using AMT and Avid Webservices. In a growing file scenario, time to time the duration of the Master clip after the last checking stick to the max duration originaly provided in Interplay Access, and then when the Master clip is checked...
    Posted to Interplay Production Developer Forum (Forum) by aimdi on Fri, Jul 9 2021
  • AMT2 partially written EWC tracks on ISIS storage

    I am using AMT 2.12 to write an edit while capture file via CreateAmtInterplayClip. I am using the following running on VMs: Interplay 4.0 Nexis Client Manger Avid ISIS 5500 running in demo mode I have ensured that all of my audio samples are being submitted to WriteAmtTrackSample...
    Posted to Interplay Production Developer Forum (Forum) by mgammie on Tue, Oct 16 2018
  • Re: Writing to Nexis storage AMT SDK

    Hello Andy, We have an update from our customer site. They updated the client to 7.10 and the results are much inproved, see below: CreateAmtFile() CreateAmtTrack(ET_VIDEO) CreateAmtTrack(ET_AUDIO) x 2 298ms 317ms 576ms So thank you for this advice! Unfortunatly when writting many files the latency increases...
    Posted to Interplay Production Developer Forum (Forum) by Bluefish444 on Wed, Feb 7 2018
  • AMT growing clips

    HI I am facing the problem to generate an AMT clip and access it from Media composer while creating (growing AMT clip). There is a way to do this ? Moreover if for any reason there is a power fail and clip creation is interrupted, there is a way to recover ? That is to continue recording clip without...
    Posted to Interplay Production Developer Forum (Forum) by Francesco on Mon, Jan 30 2017
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