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  • Equipment Refresh for Stations? Part 2....

    Loan Vs. Lease A lease typically refers to an arrangement where one party who owns or controls equipment, called the lessor, transfers possession and use of that equipment for a period of time to another party, called the lessee, in exchange for the payment by the lessee to lessor of periodic rent (i.e., monthly, quarterly or semi-annually). A loan
    Posted to The Newsroom (Beta) (Weblog) by Jeff Cohen at Avid on Thu, Oct 8 2009
  • Equipment Refresh for Stations?

    In these unusual economic times, lots of Chief Engineers at local TV stations are going through the annual budget submission process, just like they have in the past. Only thing is, this time around, the budget approvals may not be coming back from corporate the way they used to. Many stations are either living with the equipment complement they have
    Posted to The Newsroom (Beta) (Weblog) by Jeff Cohen at Avid on Fri, Sep 25 2009
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