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  • Re: Nexis Client Manager and Interplay login.

    While it's not possible to log in to MediaCentral through the Nexis client, you could make the Nexis login effectively invisible. However, this is dependent on your workstations having default log-ins as opposed to user logins. You may have noticed that in the log-in window for Nexis, there are two extra buttons, OS Login and Auto Connect . You
    Posted to NEXIS Storage & NEXIS | EDGE (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Tue, Mar 26 2024
  • Re: Singleton Storygroup

    A further update; Performing the steps outlined by César resulted in our dbdump dropping from >30GB to ~2.5GB! I'm really happy with this result! Kind Regards, Mat
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Mon, Mar 11 2024
  • Re: Singleton Storygroup

    As suggested by you Philip, I raised a ticket through the support portal, and got a very quick response from César. I hope he doesn't mind, but I'm going to quote him here so that others may benefit: 1) I would start by turning off the media index trait. - NEWS-A# dbtraits . -mi 2) After that, empty the media index request queue: - INEWS
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Thu, Feb 22 2024
  • Re: Singleton Storygroup

    No worries Philip, thanks for putting me on the right track!
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Tue, Feb 20 2024
  • Re: Singleton Storygroup

    Thanks for the speedy reply Philip. As there must have been millions of these errors thrown over the past couple of months of running dbvisit , is that an indication of something critically wrong with the way our producers work in iNews? Given your clear description of the cause: 1: is it possible iNews is reporting individual wire stories as singletons
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Tue, Feb 20 2024
  • Singleton Storygroup

    Hey all; I need a little help remembering what this concept is in iNews. I remember John Perry told me what it referred to during training a few years back, but for the life of me, I can't remember what that definition was! On top of which, none of the documentation seems to have any reference to the term, and Google searches return precisely zero
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Tue, Feb 20 2024
  • Re: This program is not supported on VM instances

    Does the BIOS for the Surface have any virtualisation options? I know my motherboard on my home PC does, and I had to enable it in order to use 64bit VMs in VirtualBox.
    Posted to Media Composer | First Forum (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Wed, Jul 6 2022
  • MediaCentral CloudUX for iOS and Skip Blank Stories Setting

    Hi all; Just want to make sure I'm not going mad and that this is a bug. My bulletins presenters want to know how to just "Skip to the good parts" in CloudUX when viewing rundowns on their iPads. So instead of having to page through masses of empty stories before the next block of presenter text, the next page will just show the next story
    Posted to Avid MediaCentral Forum (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Wed, Apr 20 2022
  • Monitor Licenses in Use and Peak Licenses Used

    Hi All; My boss recently asked me about iNews client license usage on our network, and I realised there's no easy way of quickly getting this information out of the system. Sure, there's list s-v , but it takes a while to interpret, and crucially, doesn't offer a live view of license usage or usage over time. So with help from a couple of
    Posted to Broadcast Newsroom (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Fri, Nov 12 2021
  • Re: OS Differences?

    Hey Tom; Windows 10 Pro for Workstations will be fine for running Media Composer. Just make sure to follow the Z4G4 configuration guide, which can be found here: And the Windows 10 Optimisations guide here:
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Mat Linnett on Mon, Sep 13 2021
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