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  • Metafuze On Mac

    Has anybody got Metafuze running with Boot Camp on a Mac ? A friend recommended it but I'm a bit scared. (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by Jimmy Euphoria on Thu, May 30 2013
  • Metafuze With Bootcamp

    Hi, I'm going to attempt running Metafuze off Bootcamp on my Mac , has anyone on here done this ? Naturally I won't try this unless it's recomended on here. Thanks in advance for any help (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by Daniel on Thu, Aug 16 2012
  • Re: Problem with XMLs

    Hey Etienne, I hate to drudge up old problems, while the workaround successfully worked for clients that use a GUI, we can't figure out a way to implement this on a system without the GUI... We have a farm that we'd like to handle this, but they don't even have graphics cards. Any ideas how... (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by Dave Drusky on Tue, Feb 14 2012
  • arriRAW plug in for metafuze?

    somewhere in these forums i read that it exists, and thus i can use metafuze to get dnxHD proxies of arriRAW into my mc5. there was a dead link to arri's site at the same spot, but a search on arri site or via google does not bring it up. or - is it baked in on the current metafuze 2.5? have we found... (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by ilkka on Tue, Feb 7 2012
  • Metafuze crash - how do I make an AFE now??!

    Hi, I've just done a long-ass transcode to DNxHD36 (40) and had Metafuze crash before i could kick out an AFE. How can I create an AFE for the transcode I have just done? Metafuze seems to have no memory of the fact that I've done it and the only saved version I had was after an earlier crash... (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by ripvanmarlowe on Fri, Jan 13 2012
  • NeoScene .AVI files to Metafuze

    Looking for advice using Metafuze with NeoScene .AVI files I shoot AVCHD and recently tried a new workflow using NeoScene and Metzfuze. I installed 1st Neo Player then 2nd installed NeoScene then Avids Metafuze. So here is what I have tried: I transcode my AVDHD file to .AVI using NeoScene then the ... (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by jc1148 on Thu, Oct 13 2011
  • Transcoded files not showing up in Media Tool & not relinking

    I recently switched edit suites at our company. They put Metafuze 2.5 on my new Avid. Several things seem to not be working like they used to. First, in the Output Preset, I used to have several options under compression (DNxHD35, DNxHD115, etc). Now, I only have 2: Uncompressed and DNxHD175. Second... (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by sampintoronto on Thu, Sep 8 2011
  • MetaFuze under Wine

    Hey, I've been hacking away at getting MetaFuze to run under wine. We have a pretty old verison 0.9.17. I've run the Windows installer, and the RegiserMetaFuze.cmd (as suggested on WineHQ). When I run MetaFuze it complains about being unable to load MSVCR80.DLL and MSVCP80.DLL. I've tried... (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by JesseLaChapelle on Thu, Sep 1 2011
  • r3d folders scanned and not found! need help!!

    i got footage on my desktop.. and im scanning my folders with metafuze 2.5... red epic footage. but metafuze keeps failing finding the files... anyone that can help? might it be a matter of directory structure?? thanks. (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by Umut on Mon, Aug 15 2011
  • Re: Why not MetaFuze for Mac's????

    Llevo usando Windows desde antes de Windows 3.1 cuando era MS-DOS. Boot camp solo hace una partición, hay que comprar una licencia de Windows. ¿Esa es la respuesta oficial de Avid? ¿Que para usar Metafuze en mac haga una partición con Boot Camp y compre una licencia de Windows... (read more)
    Posted to MetaFuze Forum (Forum) by nickeditor on Thu, Jun 30 2011
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