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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 12:51 AM

    • jthill
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    Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement


    Hi all,


    The Liquid team is well aware of your concerns regarding Avid Liquid 7. We do monitor these forums and others out there and the moderators have made sure we are on top of your recent postings as we communicate with them regularly.


    We also have a customer advocate. Marianna Montague, who monitors the forums and when necessary will put pressure on the product teams at Avid to resolve your problems. She works with the moderators directly and can be reached at


    Please know that we share your frustrations with version 7, specifically as it relates to DVD burning. We felt we had a good system for vetting the quality of this release and Version 7 scored very well in these metrics (similar to version 6.1).  We were confident that we would stick to our plan to do an immediate Service Pack for post release issues. SP1 was posted December 23 one month after v7 shipped, just as we had done for version 6. 


    From there we started on Chrome HD support for version 7. While we work on this hardware support, we continue to make improvement and fixes to the core Liquid application.  As with version 6.1, we have time to fix issues that have popped up since the release as well as add some small but useful features that just didn’t make the full release (see version 5.6 and 6.1).


    This was a plan that had worked well in the past.


    We had some initial reports with DVD output just before the holidays. However, when a global problem like “DVD doesn’t work” it  needs to be broken down into component issues,  reproduced and then assessed one component at a time. With big problems like this, it takes time to figure out exactly which smaller problems have cascaded down to give us the bigger problems.


    Over the holidays, and these last few weeks, we have a much clearer picture of the issues you are facing. We see the issue and we can reproduce them and we are fixing them.


    When? Our plan is to deviate from our initial development plan and release a SP2 in the next few weeks to resolve the highest priority issues.


    Our commitment to you is to provide a forecasted date in one week. At the appropriate time we will also make an announcement on v7.1 availability.


    Furthermore, I would like to reassure you that these issues have forced us to re-evaluate how we measure and manage the quality of Liquid software. We are working to reconstruct these processes for the next big release of Liquid.


    I apologize for your frustrations and please know that we are doing our best to resolve them.


    Thanks for your patience.


    James Thill

    Avid Liquid Product Manager




  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 12:55 AM In reply to

    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    thank you kindly James,

    a few weeks isn't a long time to wait for a good product.

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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 1:07 AM In reply to

    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    I am absolutelly sure you are know what you are doing BUT please don't listen to anyone that wants something fast.Take your time and give us the best end product.

    Pressure can mess things up.

    Always here with you.

    Love AL.


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    Larry as long as I live I will remember you.


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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 1:16 AM In reply to

    • turkish
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    Idea [I] Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    THANX for addressing us. I must admit tho it's sounds as if yawl knew what was to come, meaning awareness of the errors, and still proceeded to put out an incomplete product, (obvious reasoning $), and now the consumer suffers. i have read many of the complaints and everyone seems to refer back to the 6.1, wish i had it. but i dont and i am forced to stick it out w/ AL7 due to the fact it cost a lot and i cant buy 20 progs to see which i like the best. so i'll wait it out (the fixing & updates) and hope i didnt waiste my money.
  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 1:47 AM In reply to

    • airman
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    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    Thank You!   This is all it took. I know that the development crew has to be busy and they are concerned about the end users,but it is real nice to know what is going on. I really appreciate it.



  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 1:49 AM In reply to

    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    you won't regret it a few weeks

    i've worked with avid express, and preimere...and liquid beats them both

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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 1:59 AM In reply to

    • kirov
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    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    Thank you for the clear and focused statement with specific aspects of what's going on addressed.

    And thank you for the acknowledgement that a refocused development/release plan will benefit all.
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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 2:08 AM In reply to

    • smithe1
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    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement


     I just want you to know this is why I invested in Avid Liquid. I normally don't gobble up a 1st release but knowing Avid was involved I decided to throw caution to the winds and take the plunge. Thank you for the update I am looking forward to seeing what it fixes.........Hmm [^o)]
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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 2:14 AM In reply to

    • TVJohn
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    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    Yes, a good start to the rebuilding of user confidence. A broken release can be mended, but a broken company mission is quite another matter. Please stay in touch a bit more frequently,and the storm that developed over the past couple of days would never have happened.
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    • videoguy
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    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    Thanx for this! I think we can all relax a bit now and give you guys the time you need to get it right. (Just not too long Wink [;)] )

    Everyone, have a great weekend.
    It got a little heated today, but in the long run I think a lot of good is going to come from it.


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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 4:28 AM In reply to

    Big Smile [:D] Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    Thank you Jim for your well written response.
    I have used several editors in the past and they ALL have had various problems.  When it came to addressing those problems, rarely have I read any statement of intent to fix what was broken or even an acknowledgement from anyone directly involved with the company that there were any problems.
    Looking forward to the next patch/point release or whatever.
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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 5:34 AM In reply to

    • video777
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    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement


    Thank you. This meant a lot to all of us.

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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 6:10 AM In reply to

    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    Thanks James. I'm confidant Avid wishes to produce the best quality produce from its lowest to highest product line.


    Joe Sinicropi

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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 7:38 AM In reply to

    • Mscic
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    Big Smile [:D] Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    Mr. Thill, we couldn't ask for more at this point in time. At least we all now know that AVID has people working for it, and with feelings.

    I thank you for your responce and we know it must have been a hack of a time for you and your team these last few weeks, especially with our pressure.

    A few words from you Mr Thill and the sky is already looking in getting brighter. We're not there yet but we are now confident that we will get there.

    Keep in touch.

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  • Sat, Jan 28 2006 8:50 AM In reply to

    • Barry Hunter
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    Re: Avid Liquid 7 - Official Statement

    Thanks James, your positive response will be well recieved here in the UK.
    Barry Hunter
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