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  • Mon, Nov 16 2009 7:14 AM

    automated XML processing

    Here is a little render manager batch script for people looking to automate XML file processing. Save the script as mfmanager.bat in your MetaFuze directory. The script can be modified and expaned for network rendering use.

    The usage is MFMANAGER PATH

    where “path” is the full Windows path to the folder with MetaFuze XML files.
    The batch file will submit all the files to MetaFuze for processing and place them in “processed” directory when
    they are finished. More information on MFManager.

    This script is not extensivelly tested so make sure it works for you before you use it ona real job!

    ------file starts here------
    REM Simple MetaFuze XML Render Manager
    REM Igor Ridanovic 2009


    IF "%1"=="" GOTO Instructions

    REM Verify path and files
    IF NOT EXIST "%1" GOTO Error
    IF NOT EXIST "%1"\.xml GOTO Empty

    REM Create "processed" Directory if none exist
    IF NOT EXIST "%1"\processed MKDIR "%1"\processed

    REM Call MetaFuze for each XML file
    FOR /f %%f IN ('DIR /b "%1"\*.xml') DO (
    METAFUZE -debug "%1"\%%f
    COPY "%1"\%%f "%1"\processed\
    DEL "%1"\%%f
    GOTO :Done

    ECHO The XML path you entered doesn't exist.
    GOTO Done

    ECHO There are no XML files in the directory.
    GOTO Done

    ECHO where PATH is the path to your XML files.

    ------file ends here------

    Igor Ridanovic

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