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    Module 1, Lesson 3 - Where to find Avid files - Avid for Final Cut Pro Users


    Let's take a look at where the Avid files are stored on the computer's hard drive.


    The program itself is stored in the Applications folder. And any projects we created using the private tab are stored in the Documents folder of the currently logged in user. Any other files you create using the Avid software are stored inside the Users folder, inside the Shared folder, and inside the Avid Xpress Pro folder. All of these folders are created when we launch the program, and the two most important are the Avid users and the shared Avid projects. Inside this shared Avid projects folder are all the projects we created using the shared button, including the "Tempest." The Avid created a folder for this project and put all the corresponding files inside that folder. You can very easily copy individual files from system to system or you can take the entire project by grabbing the folder. This folder is also what should be backed up each evening. Let's go back up and look at the Avid users folder. Inside this folder is a separate folder for each Avid editor who logged into the operating system of the computer. I logged into the Macintosh as Laura and then launched the Avid software as Laura. So it created a folder here with my personnel settings that I can take with me from job to job. Because we created an additional editor, while logged into the computer as me, the David file is stored in a separate folder inside my folder. If we toggle it open you'll see that he has the same three types of settings and preference files as I do. He can take his own folder from job to job, just as I can take mine. At the end of the day, make sure you back up the upper most level folder so that you get everyone's settings.


    So that's it for our quick look at the Avid files. Let's go use the program.

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