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  • Tue, Sep 23 2008 10:14 AM

    Crying [:'(] Frame Accurate Digital Cut !!!HELP!!!

     Hi guys,

    I am currently working on a new installation that the company that i work with

    completed 2 months ago.We have 3 Newscutter suites,1 Adrenaline suite and

    1 with the new Media Composer v3.1.I am expreriencing the following problem

    when i am outputting to a tape using Digital Cut.I choose as an output mode

    in the Digital Cut UI, RT DNA.The tape is blackened for 2 minutes and i start

    to record in the first minute,using assemble.I hit record,and the first frame starts

    at 00:01:00:01 and not at 00:01:00:00 as i wanted.I have done the following

    record for several times but nothing changed.So i selected as an output mode

    in Digital Cut UI, RT DV25 and from the Deck Preferences menu i chose

    DV Offset -5.I used my digital cut again and voila my sequence started at exactly

    00:01:00:00  BUT unfortunately for some reason when i chose RT DV25 i couldn't record

    any audio on the tape or listen to my audio in the timeline that i was recording to tape.

    That thing of outputting video but no audio at all was happening only when i chose as an

    output mode RT DV25 and only when i was performing a Digital Cut.When i exit from Digital Cut

    and hit play voila,i can hear my sound.


    So my problem is this

    1.I choose RT DNA and i can't have frame accurate Digital Cut

    (DV offset does not work with RT DNA)

    2.I choose RT DV25 and i use DV Offset with a setting of -5 and i have

    a frame accurate Digital Cut but I can't output audio on tape.Only video is



    I don't know what else to do

    Do you have any idea of what going on?


    I am working PAL Projects,48Khz audio,and i have DVC PRO AJ SD955 and DVC PRO AJ D455


    The post production facility also has an installation of D to A and A to D converters which

    enables us to Capture SDI and Output to SDI nomatter if our mojo's have only Component

    output and input,besides thats why we have A to D and D to A converters for.


    Any help would be very much appreciated,

    Thanx in advance



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    Re: Frame Accurate Digital Cut !!!HELP!!!

    Are those decks RS422 controlled? If only DV then frame accurate will be difficult. If the off-set of the tape is always 1 frame off you could let the sequence start a frame earlier... not very handsome way but a way Smile


    [EDIT] make sure all audio is in the same sample rate (aka 48 Khz) and rendered when using RTDV25.

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    Re: Frame Accurate Digital Cut !!!HELP!!!

    Also, there is no MC 3.1 for PC. There is 3.0.1 for a Mac though..

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  • Tue, Sep 23 2008 3:38 PM In reply to

    Re: Frame Accurate Digital Cut !!!HELP!!!

    Yes all the workstations are using RS422 for remote control as for the minus one frame

    in the sequence time,i have done it and it worked,but what happens if i forget to do it???

    And besides that frame accuracy problem is not a right thing to happen.

    I want to know if it is an Avid bug or it is a setting from the Avid that i am not

    aware of.

    For the other matter concerning the Media Composer version,you're right...

    ooops Embarrassed

    It's a pc workstation so it has to be version 3,so my mistake,sorry!



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