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    Updated - Avid FAQ for v3.0 - Information and Upgrade policies

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    With the recent announcements - there have been a lot of questions on information relating to the new v3.0, upgrade policies and price etc.

    This document should help address some of those questions but if not and I missed any ( I am sure I did ) feel free to email me directy at



    2 New Q/A pairs

    Q. If I buy (or upgrade to) Avid Media Composer software v2.8  today will I get the just announced release of Media Composer software v3.0, or will I need to buy another upgrade later on?
    A. Customers that purchase (or upgrade to) a new copy of Avid Media Composer software v2.8.x after March 17, 2008 will be able to get the upgrade from v2.8 to v3.0 for free via the Avid Download Center.

    Q. I own Media Composer Software that I have upgraded over the past year to v2.8.  When Media Composer Software v3.0 is released in June, how will I be able to obtain it?
    A. Avid Media Composer customers with a valid Avid Support contract will be able to download the v3.0 software from the Avid Download center.  Customer that bought Media Composer before March 17, 2008 and do not have a valid support contract will need to purchase the upgrade.


    Q. With the new $2,495 price for Avid Media Composer software, are there any changes to the box content (third-party software, manuals)?
    The Avid Media Composer software box content  remains unchanged and includes third-party software and printed manuals.

    Third party applications include:
               • Avid DVD by Sonic - Industry-leading DVD authoring (Windows only)
               • Boris Continuum AVX - Comprehensive library of customizable video filters and transitions
               • Sorenson Squeeze - Multimedia export with customizable compression templates
               • SmartSound Sonicfire Pro - Automated music track creation

    Q. What manuals come in the box?
    A.  The following documentation is included in the box.

                • Basics Guide
                • Advanced Effects Guide
                • Avid Resource Guide

    Q. Will customers still be able to purchase Avid Xpress Pro software based on the March announcement?
    A. Customers can continue to purchase Avid Xpress Pro software through June 2008 or until supplies last.

    Q. Will the $495 US MSRP upgrade price from Avid Xpress Pro to Avid Media Composer Software be available only on the Avid webstore, or can I purchase it from a reseller?
    A. The upgrade is available through both channels: The Avid webstore and Avid reseller channel.

    Q. Can I download an upgrade from my Avid Xpress software to Avid Media Composer on the Avid webstore?  If so, how much is the download?
    Yes a download is available.  In early April, Avid released a downloadable upgrade (Mac and PC) that is available from the Avid webstore. The download does not include third-party software or documentation.  The cost of the Avid Xpress Pro to Avid Media Composer Software download is $395 US MSRP.

    Q. I have an older version of Avid Xpress Pro and I would like to upgrade to Media Composer software. Do I need to have the latest version of Avid Xpress Pro prior to upgrading?
    No, the Avid Xpress Pro to Media Composer upgrade applies to all versions of Avid Xpress Pro.

    Q. I have Avid Xpress DV and would like to upgrade to Media Composer software, what are my upgrade options?
    You must use a “2-step” upgrade process – Upgrade from Avid Xpress DV to Xpress Pro for $495 US MSRP, then upgrade from Avid Xpress Pro to Avid Media Composer for $495 US MSRP.  We are looking at creating a single-step upgrade from Avid Xpress DV to Media Composer software, but this is not available at the moment.

    Q. If I buy the Avid Xpress Pro to Media Composer software upgrade today will I get the just announced release of Media Composer software, or will I need to buy another upgrade later on?
    A. The current upgrade to Avid Media Composer gives you access to the current version, v2.8 which is shipping. However, if you purchase a copy of Media Composer Software after March 17, 2008 you will be able to get the upgrade from v2.8 to  v3.0 for free via the Avid Download Center.

    Q. I currently have a Media Composer with Avid Mojo and would like to upgrade my hardware. What is required?
    A. Avid offers a $7,500 upgrade US MSRP to Mojo DX for Media Composer software users.  The upgrade is available to Mojo users and does not require the return of the original Mojo. Upgrading customers should not use the Mojo and Mojo DX on the same system due to driver compatibility issues.  Please note that to be eligible for hardware upgrade prices, an active service contract is required, including a reinstatement fee if applicable, see:

    Q. Can I trade-in my Meridien for the new hardware?
    A. Any customer interested in upgrading their Meridien hardware should contact their reseller for pricing and availability as there are several options available to you.

    Q. What if I just purchased a Media Composer Adrenaline?
    A. Special upgrade pricing is available to customers who purchased Media Composer
    Adrenaline after January 1, 2008 – please contact your local reseller for information.

    Q. I am an Avid Xpress Studio user. Can I use the new hardware and software?
    A. The new hardware and software is not supported with Avid Xpress Studio. Avid
    Xpress Studio customers can upgrade the Avid Xpress Pro component of their Studio
    solution to Media Composer, but must stay on version 2.8 of Avid Media Composer.

    Q. What’s the difference between the Mojo DX and Nitris DX?
    A. The two principal differences are the connectivity options and the Avid DNxHD
    encode/decode which is only available on Nitris DX. Nitris DX offers more
    connectivity for analog equipment such as Betacam SP, more audio connections, and
    more SDI connections allowing simultaneous connection to decks and monitors as an
    example, or separate connectivity for SD and HD devices. Please see the section on
    the Mojo DX and Nitris DX hardware for specifics.

    Q. Are there any differences in the hardware capabilities based on the software used: Media Composer, NewsCutter or Symphony?
    A. The hardware offers the same feature set for all applications, with the exception that some capabilities such as Universal Mastering are unique to Symphony.

    Q.  Is Media Composer Adrenaline going end of life?
    A.  Adrenaline is planned to continue in production through the end of December 2008.

    Q.  Is there a software release for Adrenaline?
    Yes, the version 3.0 software will be available for Avid Media Composer Adrenaline –all the features of the software that are not dependent on the new hardware capabilities will be available for Adrenaline customers.

    Q. What is happening with Mojo?
    We are continuing to ship Mojo SDI which is an excellent solution for standard definition workflows with both analog and SD-SDI input and output connectivity. We will stop production of Mojo analog in June 2008. Mojo analog will continue to be supported in the new version of the editors.

    Q. Are there any updates for DS Nitris?
    A. We are not announcing any feature release for DS as part of this announcement.
    However, DS development is ongoing, and we plan to announce improvements for the DS system later this year.

    Q. What about DS pricing?
    A. While we are not announcing any feature updates, we are announcing new more  accessible pricing on DS of $99,995 for the turnkey with 5TB of storage.

    Q. What does the Symphony Nitris DX offer that the Media Composer Nitris DX doesn’t?
    Symphony Nitris DX includes finishing features such as the Symphony Color Corrector, with secondary and relational color correction for more powerful color tools and greater productivity, as well as HD Universal Mastering (23.97/24/25).

    Q. How long will you keep shipping Symphony Nitris?
    A. We are not announcing any end date on Symphony Nitris today.

    Q. How long will you keep shipping DS Nitris?
    A. We are not making any announcements today about the DS roadmap – improvements are planned for DS which will be communicated later this year.

    Q. Does Avid have a RED workflow?
    A. Yes. Currently Avid supports RED workflows on both Windows and Mac environments. Our Mac workflow benefits from RED’s early focus on the Mac platform. We continue to work with RED on Windows based workflow improvements.
    Documentation on the workflow will be posted following the launch.

    Q. What is MetaFuze and how can I get it?
    MetaFuze is a new tool that allows for the creation of Avid MediaFile formats (Avid
    DNxHD and JFIF) sequential file formats such as DPX or TIF. These files can be used
    to perform the offline edit in a DI workflow, with the final conform taking place on a
    DS system or other DI conform station. MetaFuze will be included in every new copy
    of Avid Media Composer and Avid Symphony

    Q. What is FilmScribe?
    A. Avid FilmScribe will export XML for all sequences with all source and record side
    metadata. All standard Avid columns as well as user custom metadata will be output
    as a single XML file. Transforms can applied to the master XML to create EDLs,
    Change List EDLs, Scan lists, etc. Transforms can be created by users and
    manufacturers and easily shared as needed.

    Q. What about Support pricing?
    A. Avid Customer Support has been aggressively soliciting and evaluating feedback from our customers around the world.  We have been actively reviewing the structure and pricing of our existing support programs.  We are carefully considering modifications to these support programs in direct response to the feedback we’ve received.  It is our number one goal to ensure our customers’ success by providing an outstanding support experience.  In Q1, we began dedicating additional resources to developing programs that are designed and priced to exceed customer expectations.  We will be sharing more information about our support plans later in Q2 and will be increasing the frequency of our support-related communications in the weeks ahead.


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