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    Re: So, since I paid for an upgrade I could never use...

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     Avid is a company, not an editing evangelist.  They make decisions that are sometimes based on long term profitability, some times based on short term profitability, and sometimes based on trying to gaze into a crystal ball.  I just upgraded in January to 5.7/5.8 on my personal computer at $349.00 because I wanted the 3rd party updates.  I also did the same for my employer at the cost of $349.00 for them.  I will still need to spend another $495.00 to upgrade to MC.  I will pay the price to do it.  I will recommend my employer do likewise.

    Because the price is permanent, I will wait until I have a job the pays for the home upgrade.  This is the price of doing business.  Just like I can't, Avid cannot survive as a company without making a profit.  I think it has gazed into the crystal ball and tried to find a balance between loyal customers and bottom line, with the AXP to MC upgrade.  Only time will tell if they found the balance point. 

    I have paid half of the $495.00 to upgrade Adobe products in the past just to current version.  The cost is usually equal to or more than this with Adobe to upgrade to a higher product line. (i.e. when they had two versions of After Effects - Standard vs Professional) 

    Sometimes there is no easy fix for problems or bugs.  If you need to complete projects, sometimes the answer is to change the work flow.  The deck the orginal poster mentioned has come up a few times as having this problem.  The DSR-11 has had some problems.  There is a cheap work around for the DSR-11 problem.  Mabye the answer for the original problem is to pick up a used deck off of eBay or purchase a new deck outright.

    Avid will likely not say it, but from a business standpoint, trying to resolve the issues for a minority of decks in the field is not (IMHO should not be) a high priority.  Meeting the majority of the customers needs should be. 

    It doesn't mean that Avid doesn't want to solve your problem, it just means they can only dedicate so much time to it.  And if they can't resolve it, they have to move on.

    $495.00 is cheap for what is being offered.  Boris CC is $895.00, Sorenson Suite is $499.00.  No Avid is not eating the cost of this, they get it a LOT cheaper than that, but it shows the value of what you are getting.


    PS I do not work for Avid.  Hold any Avid stock.  I am not the relative (that I am aware of) any Avid employee.  And I make a habit of not drinking anyones Kool-AidGeeked

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    Re: So, since I paid for an upgrade I could never use...

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    Chris, if you upgraded in January, you are eligible for a credit toward the upgrade. You should contact your reseller.

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    Re: So, since I paid for an upgrade I could never use...

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     And with that, I think this thread has run its course.

    good luck,

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