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  • Sat, Dec 22 2007 11:18 PM

    Lost audio in time line

    I'm useing the Educational version of Express Pro 4.6, no mojo. I tried to mixdown with no success, the audo on the DVD I made from the mixdown is breaking up really bad.

    I went back to the time line after trying the mixdown, and to my shegrin 90% of the sound track that is with the video will not play. When I open the audio gain tool and show all 8 tracks and hit play, all the tracks show as having sound. The sliders go up and down. But no sound from the time line. when I play it. The video plays just fine. The next two stero tracks have short sound bits along the 30min piece in four places.

    The next two audio tracks have sound efx, no sound there either. The next two are for music and they play just fine. Can someone help me please?


  • Sun, Dec 23 2007 12:32 AM In reply to

    Re: Lost audio in time line


    When you say "the sliders go up and down" do you mean the sliders in the audio gain tool?  They'll go up and down if there's media on the audio tracks, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's actual sound.

    Or do you mean the audio meters?  The green meters that go yellow and then red as you get louder?  That would mean there's sound on the clips, but for some reason it's not playing.

    So is it that the audio meters (the green ones) are moving, but you're not hearing anything, or is it that when you get to sections that should have audio, there's no movement on the audio meters or sound coming from the system?

    Also, step by step, how did you get from a working timeline through an audio mixdown to your current situation?  Something obviously went wrong, but it's hard to say what without knowing the workflow that got you there.

    good luck,

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  • Sun, Dec 23 2007 12:35 AM In reply to

    Re: Lost audio in time line

    The first thing to check is the audio sampling rate of your clips and mixdowns - are they all the same? If not, transcode to the desirable rate (most use 48K) or go to your audio project settings and choose "always" for allow mixed sample rates on playback.
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  • Sun, Dec 23 2007 12:49 AM In reply to

    Re: Lost audio in time line

    Hi Carl, I will do my best to explain. Yes the sliders in the audio gain tool go up and down on all tracks when you play the piece.

    When the green lines move in the Audio tool I hear audio. Yet the sliders in the Audio gain tool move up and down. When the green liens stop so does the audio. Yet the sliders keep moving.

    When I finished my piece, I followed the instruction for mixdown on page 607 from the book by James Monohan "Avid Express Pro for Windows and Mac"

    I did all the backups in a seperate bin. Then did the mixdown. with a delete of the old edit to clean up the timeline. After the failure I went back to my backups and all of the audio was gone when I pasted them back in the timeline.

    Thank you for your assistance.


  • Sun, Dec 23 2007 12:50 AM In reply to

    Re: Lost audio in time line

    Larry thank you, I will do that. Any other suggestions?



  • Sun, Dec 23 2007 12:57 AM In reply to

    Re: Lost audio in time line

    Larry, I found 4 clips that needed ttyhe sample rate changed. I'm doing that now.

    Thak you


  • Sun, Dec 23 2007 1:13 AM In reply to

    Re: Lost audio in time line

    Carl, do you think I should just re edit the audio track?



  • Sun, Dec 23 2007 1:16 AM In reply to

    Re: Lost audio in time line

    Larry, the sample rate change did not make any difference. Thank you for your suggestions.



  • Sun, Dec 23 2007 2:28 AM In reply to

    Re: Lost audio in time line

    The sliders moving are showing the relative changes to the metadata, these will always reflect changes made to the audio regardless of whether or not the actual media files for the audio are present.  It's the same thing if you apply an effect to a clip, then the clip's media goes off line.. the effect still shows the parameters. 

    The green VU's are the actual output.  If they don't move you either don't have media for that clip or the tracks are muted.

    Set up your timeline color coding to show Offline clips, if any of your audio is Red, then that's the problem, you don't have the media files. 

    If they are all online, then check to make sure you're not muting any of the tracks.

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