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  • Tue, Jun 5 2007 8:28 PM

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    Posting Guidelines to Get Help Fast

    Please new posters and those that have not done this... fill out those system specs. The more detail the more we can try to get you going. It is so frustrating to see questions asked where people assume we are psychic and know all teh answers. Fill them out, click your name top right of the page and get that info in there.

    What do "we" need?

    • Operating software (XP Pro, Home, Vista, Linux, DOS 6.1 Wink)
    • Version Avid
    • Version Quicktime
    • System detailed info, Sys brand, model, ram, drives. Or for the DIY people procs, how much ram, what drives, how many drives.
    • Graphic card info, what brand and type
    • Graphic card driver info
    • Firewire card info (Texas Instruments chipset or something else)

    In the posts you make clearly state anything you did to either recreate the problem or what you did trying to solve it. I assure you.. your trouble will not be in vain. Many people can assist and since this is an international frequented forum we do it almost 24/7. With this info we can help instead of wasting time asking you for system specs et all.

    Thx for reading.. now don't wait.. click your name... yes .. yes... top.. right.. yes there it is.. now CLICK Smile

    Please post system specs in your profile and not here as we want this thread to remain as clean as possible.


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    Re: System specs for better help!

    Locked Contact

    For those that have the RealTek audio chipset, here's a thread I started (and finished) over in the Xpress DV forum. The ReakTek chipset (7.1 channel, ALC889A) did NOT work with Xpress DV 4.6 nor Xpress Pro 4.0.  I can't comment on whether the RealTek chipset is supported on Xpress Pro 5.7.2.  I'm running Pro 5.7.2 now, but it was only after I added in a basic Creative Labs Audigy sound card to solve my problem with a previous versions of Xpress.  You can find the basic Audigy's on eBay dirt cheap ($20) and that solved my problems as referenced in my other thread.

    For those of you looking to find out what's in your system, there is an accurate program which is free to download and is not the least bit invasive on your system.  Bel-Arc Advisor.  It's an excellent piece of software for getting the nitty gritty on the specs of your system. It will give all the information that should be required for troubleshooting hardware configs in these forums.  (For video driver version info, you'll need to look in the "Software Versions" section of the report that it generates.

    (NOTE: The links in my post don't automatically open up to new browser windows, so you may want to right-click on the link and select "open in new window" so you don't lose this window.)

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