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  • Thu, Aug 4 2022 4:18 PM

    Media Composer 2021.12.3 available now - 4 Aug 2022

    Avid is pleased to announce the release of Media Composer 2021.12.3 today, August 4, 2022, at noon ET. This is a long term maintenance release for MC 2021 users.

    Location at Launch: The Media Composer 2021.12.3 (Mac and PC) will be available on the Download Center only.  

    Status of Support Plan: The ability to launch this Media Composer 2021.12.3 software is dependent on the status of a customer’s Upgrade and Support Plan on the date this software version is released. Media Composer 2021.12.3 is released on Thursday August 4th, 2022 at 12pm EDT.

    Please Note: Windows - Media Composer v2021.12.3 is a patch installer which requires 2021.12 as the base install.

    What’s Fixed in 2021.12.3: The following has been fixed.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4549. Some users in a MediaCentral | Production Managementenvironment experienced long delays and, in certain instances, crashes when logging in, opening projects and checking out media in projects.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4306. In some instances, toggling the "Override Working Settings with Target Settings" option when using Dynamic Relink caused audio and video tracks to become out of sync.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4629. Adding an Audio Track Effect to a track with Group clips on it resulted in the audio in the Group clip not switching or displaying properly.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4640. Removing markers on a clip while the Inspector Tool was open caused Exception errors.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4457. Transition Manipulation was broken while the Composer window was set to "Show Single Monitor".

    Bug Number: MCCET-3592. Changes made to Color Space for external projects located on Avid NEXIS were not reflected in the "Select Project" window.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4508. In some instances, switching user profiles in Media Composer brought other apps to the foreground

    Bug Number: MCCET-4585. Audio Punch-in did not work properly after Film option was selected during project creation.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4658. Export Settings were not retained when using custom presets to export media.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4540. In some instances, after moving a bin or closing a folder, items above it were automatically selected.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4462. Linking AVC-I Class100 1080p50 media was unsuccessful and returned "The media is unsupported" or "ExceptionUNKNOWN horizontal subsapling error" message, depending on the version of Media Composer.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4634. When the comments column in the Markers window was too large, entering comments caused text entry to scroll off the screen.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4674. Media Composer created a floating bin by default for new projects, even when this option was not selected.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4368. In some instances, "Assertion Failed" error message appeared when using Dynamic Relink, audio media did not load properly, and "highest quality" option was ignored.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4486. When sending master clips to another workgroup using "Send to Workgroup", audio media did not arrive at the destination workgroup.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4551. Default Starting Timecode in the General Settings for a Project were not retained after pressing the Enter or Return key on the keyboard.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4576. Timecode window experienced a display glitch when switching between user profiles.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4516. When live capturing with the Capture Tool, the Extra Field Selection did not populate the corresponding custom column in the bin, but worked when logging only.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4621. The "Undo-Redo List" in Media Composer did not display entire list of recent actions.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4557. The ability to set a "Search Data Directory" location for Bin index and PhraseFind index was missing in the Search Settings window.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4657. In some instances, the "Exception: SETTING CLASS NOT REGISTERED" error message appeared after using the Command Palette to move the Segment Mode (Lift/Overwrite) button.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4601. Media Composer | Enterprise would not launch properly when logging in with case-sensitive usernames and upper-case letters.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4478. Avid NEXIS users experienced significant performance issues when bin indexing and noticed bandwidth irregularities in the Avid NEXIS Management Console.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4647. Left and right arrows for Master Gamma controls in the Color Correction panel returned inconsistent values.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4637. Workspace layouts did not restore properly and made docked bins become undocked.

    Bug Number: MCCET-4620. D-Verb settings reverted to default values when they were nested with a clip that had Audio EQ applied

    For details on the complete bugs fixed, see the final ReadMe which will be uploaded to the Knowledge Base Media Composer 2021 Documentation page at launch.

    ReadMe: The new ReadMe will be uploaded to the Knowledge Base Media Composer 2021 Documentation page at launch.

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    Re: Media Composer 2021.12.3 available now - 4 Aug 2022

    Bug Number: MCCET-4549. Some users in a MediaCentral | Production Managementenvironment experienced long delays and, in certain instances, crashes when logging in, opening projects and checking out media in projects.

    Amazing. The performance fixes keep coming! Great news for problems support indicated as never reported by other customers and non reproducable when you open cases for Media composer 2020.x/2021.x. And now convince customers to start the testing all over again. 

    Now backwards compatibility in Mediacentral cloud UX 2022 with 2021 mediacentral products and we can start moving forward.


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