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  • Thu, Jun 17 2021 4:49 PM

    Media Composer 2021.6 Available Now - 17 June 2021

    The new Media Composer v2021.6 is available today, Thursday June 17th, 2021. This release includes several bug fixes and improvements including, but not limited to:

    • Workspaces Load Last State
    • Go to Next Event and Go to Previous Event
    • Update to Media Composer | Distributed Processing


    Location at Launch: The new Media Composer 2021.6 is available in MyAvid Master Accounts, through the Avid Link application itself and from the Download Center. The ability to launch Media Composer 2021.6 software is dependent on the status of a customer’s Upgrade and Support Plan on the date this software version is released. Media Composer 2021.6 was released on June 17th, 2021


    Media Composer Notes:


    MCDEV-11537 If you intend to use full-frame stereoscopic with an Avid Artist DNxIQ, you may want to remain with Media Composer v2018.12.x until the issues with Stereoscopic support are resolved in a future version.

    (MCCET- 2541) When working with Avid Artist DNxIO or Avid Artist DNxIQ, you should disable the Line In recording input (BlackMagic Audio in the Windows OS).

    • Avid recommends that you do not install Desktop Video software version 10.10.1 on Media Composer versions prior to v2018.5.1. 
    • Avid Artist DNxIO and Avid Artist DNxIQ: If you are using Avid Artist DNxIO, Avid Artist DNxIQ, or a BlackMagic Designs video device, please update to Desktop Video software version v11.0 or higher. If you are using Avid Artist DNxIV and Avid Artist DNxIP please update to AJA software v15.2 or later.
    • Qualified Operating Systems: For information on qualified operating systems, see Qualified Hardware and Operating Systems.

    Changed in Media Composer v2021.6: The following are new for Media Composer v2021.6:

    • Go to Next Event and Go to Previous Event

    With this release, more options have been added to the Composer Settings' Move tab. You can adjust the behavior of the Got to Next and Go to Previous Event commands by enabling options in the Move tab of the Composer Settings. You can choose from the following new behaviors

      • When the Composer or Timeline is the active window, the Go to Next Event and Go to Previous Event commands allow you to navigate through audio keyframes.
      • When the Audio Mixer tool is the active window, the Go to Next Event and Go to Previous Event commands allow you to navigate through audio keyframes.
      • When the Audio Mixer tool is the active window, the Go to Next Event and Go to Previous Event commands move based on track selector state when Ignore Track Selectors is disabled.

    Bin Status Bar Duration

    The Bin Status Bar now displays the total duration of a selection in a bin.

    Dragging Clips to a Closed Bin and Closed Folder in Sidebar

    With this release, you can now drag clips to a closed bin in the Bin Container Sidebar. Once you drag the items to the closed bin, the bin will open with the dragged items selected. When dragging items to a closed folder, the folder will now auto-expand.

    Improved Timeline Scrolling

    A new button has been added to the Command Palette. The Timeline Movement During Play button allows you to toggle between different movement possibilities. You can set the Timeline Movement During Play button to the following:

      • Page - moves the position indicator during play until it reaches the end of the visible Timeline.
      • Scroll - keeps the position indicator stationary
      • None - the button is not selectable when set to None

    Updated Bin Setting

    The option “Save single floating Bin Containers in Workspaces” has been added to the Bin Settings. Select this option if you want a floating Bin Container that is not tabbed or paneled with other tools or Bin Containers to be saved into a workspace.

    Workspaces Load Last State

    To create a more natural flow across workspaces, Media Composer now loads the last state of a workspace rather than the last saved workspace. This allows you to move between workspaces and return to where you were the last time you left the workspace.
    If you want to load the last saved workspace, simply go to the Workspace Bar menu or the Windows menu and select Restore to Saved.

    Avid Titler+ Text in Clip Notes and EDLs

    A new Avid Titler+ setting allows you to automatically populate the clip note on the Avid Titler+ segment in the Timeline with the Titler+ text.

    This provide an easy way to view, search and export Titler+ text in the Timeline. For details, see “Adding Notes to Clips in the Timeline” in the Help.

    Avid Titler+ All-In-One Text Box

    With this release, you can now start typing with a standard title text box and turn it into a defined paragraph text box by simply resizing its bounding box while in Text mode.

    Update to Media Composer | Distributed Processing

    Media Composer Distributed Processing allows Media Composer users to offload foreground tasks such as rendering, consolidating, or transcoding to one or more service workstations on the network.
    With this release, a number of updates have been included for Media Composer | Distributed Processing. For details on these new options, see Chapter 3 “Distributed Processing Workflow” in the Avid Media Composer | Distributed Processing Administration Guide

    The changes include: 

      • Mixdown - Media Composer | Distributed Processing DP option is now available for all mixdown windows. 
      • Export - Media Composer | Distributed processing now supports exporting AMA formats (MXF op1a, AS-11, and DPX). You can initiate the export from: 

    -  File > Output > Export via Distributed Processing 

    -  Right click clip or sequence > Output > Export via Distributed Processing 

    -  Right click Record Monitor > Output > Export via Distributed Processing 

      • Media Creation Settings - has 3 new options: “Use this machine as a worker for jobs submitted when possible,” “Automatically check-in sequence sent for render” and “Job Queue”.
      • Email Settings - If you want to receive a notification about the status of completed Distributed Processing jobs, you can select “Enable Sending of Email for Distributed Processing” checkbox in Email settings and specify the SMTP server which will be used for DP email transfer. User authentication for DP SMTP server is not required.

    Update to Media Composer | Enterprise 

    Two additional functions have been added to Media Composer | Enterprise that allow the administrator to enable or disable user functionality.

    o    The additional functions:
    Allow Editing - any user that belongs to a group that has this option deselected will not be allowed to modify or edit sequences loaded into the Timeline.

    o    NDI Broadcast - any user that belongs to a group that has this option deselected will not be allowed to transmit NDI streams directly from Media Composer.

    What’s Fixed in 2021.6: The following has been fixed.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-3858. In some instances, performing a Consolidate changed the
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3842. Desktop Play Delay resulted in an “ADM_PLAY_NOT_ARMED” error when hitting play with NDI enabled.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4059. You might have received a “compression not recognized” error when importing some media into Media Composer.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4067. You received an “unsupported resolution” error when trying to link DNxHD 175X media that was encoded in Media Composer v2018.12.x.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4151. (Production Management) Checking out a sequence that contained a clip that was referenced in many sequences might have been slow.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3629. You might have received “Exception: 'AComposition::ConvertFromAAF - unable to convert media descriptor” errors when trying to work with Blackmagic Hyperdeck recorded files copied to the Avid MediaFiles folder.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4061. Importing some sequences resulted in “vcAvgFrameSize encountered a codec manager” errors.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4146. (Production Management) After performing an initial checkout of some clips, some audio was offline.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4053. When working with the List Tool, you might have received an “Assertion” error when previewing sequences with mixed frame rate or group clips.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4138. Right-clicking on the Name column to sort alphabetically did not work on the first sort. You had to right-click twice.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4148. Double-clicking the Take did not load a subclip into the Source Monitor from the slate.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4131. Media Composer crashed when playing a corrupted file from FastServe Ingest.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4097. (Edit While Capture) An in-progress clip may not have shown the same frame at the same timecode after the clip was closed.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4055. .The Paint effect window did not display properly.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4136. .Timeline Frame View did not show the correct frame with
      stacked clips.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4071. Target Mask not working properly in Avid Titler+.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3952. The audio and video for some MP4 media was not in sync.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4124. The application would crash to a Breakpad window when trying to import a PSD file.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4073. The small space at the left of the bin where you could right-click to select bin options was missing.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4007. When switching between a macOS and Windows system, you might have seen font and formatting issues when opening scripts.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4075. You could not lasso multiple bins in a project.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-14593. Saving the e-mail password setting did not save properly.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-14652. In some instances, nothing happened when you clicked on a workspace button.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-14646. You could not always rename a bin in the Bin Container Sidebar.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4024. You might have received an “Unable to create SearchData directory” error when mounting the project workspace to a different letter.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3941. Imported markers did not display accents correctly if the text was from a 3rd party application.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4018. (Media Composer | Cloud Remote) Loading clips in the Source monitor from the Production Management window was slow. And you might have seen a “Not Responding” message before the clip loaded.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4066. (Media Composer | Cloud Remote) You could not use the computer when downloading media.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4051. (Windows) Double clicking a bin file (.avb) did not open the bin.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4038.  In some instances, glitches appeared in the video when XDCAM media was consolidated.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3958. The user listed in the Interplay Transfer Status was the user entered in Media Composer settings, instead of the user logged in to perform the transfer.

    Limitations: The following are known limitations

    • Photoshop PSD files are not supported for AMA linking if QuickTime is not installed.
    • Some fonts, by their design, are available only in Bold. On the Mac system it can happen that selecting a font does not produce any visual changes. Try selecting “Bold.”
    • If you launch a project and receive an “Enable 3rd Party Emulation” warning, even if you select Enable in the warning dialog, you should also perform the following: Select File > Settings and click the Project tab. Click General Settings and select “Enable Bin Sharing on 3rd party storage emulating Avid NEXIS/ISIS.”
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-14845. Media Composer | Enterprise Admin tool does not restrict NDI when Media Composer is in software only mode.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3702. Image Quality when adding UHD progressive clips to an HD interlace sequence:
      The process Media Composer uses to mix and match video formats in a sequence is to transform the source clip's frame rate and frame layout to meet the project specifications; the motion adapters are added first, then spatial adapters are applied in order to provide expected playback dimensions.
      For example, if you have a UHD 50p clip that you want to add to a 1080i Timeline, the UHD clip first gets split into 2 separate fields (UHD format), then each field gets independently resized to 1920x540 in HD. The export process puts those resized fields back together into a progressive HD frame but does not maintain the clarity of the original progressive frame.
      Workaround: If you first transcode the UHD progressive clip to HD progressive and then add the HD clip to the interlace sequence, it forces the resize operation from UHD to HD to be done before the split gets into interlace mode. 
    • Bug Number: MCCET-3788. You might receive a “clip name is a clip in a multi-essence file that cannot be exported using the specified Embedded in AAF setting” when exporting embedded AAFs with OP1a audio clips.Workaround: Consolidate the OP1a clips to Avid OP-Atom prior to performing the export.
    • Bug Number: APPSVCS-723.  The Collab App in MediaCentral CloudUX window does not currently work with Media Composer.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-13604.  You might have issues playing clips containing Media Composer effects in the Baselight User Interface if the Fast Image Access option is enabled in the Baselight plug-in
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-12926. (macOS) If you have upgraded to macOS 10.15.4, there is a known issue with local attached RAID storage. The system will hang when running Media Composer or copying large files. This does not happen with earlier versions of the OS. You can read details about this issue in this blog. This limitation no longer exists with macOS 10.15.5.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-12988. (macOS) The AMA Drastic plug-in is not supported with Media Composer v2020.4
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-12964. For a faster performance of export audio/video sequences to .mov in 2020.4, please render the sequence prior to export, or disable the GPU fx (in the Render Settings - Current menu)
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-12735. Maestro graphics do not appear correctly in the Timeline if your system uses the Radeon video card.
    • Bug Number: DEFI-1808. (Media Composer | Distributed Processing) Two clips or sequences will always be created when performing a consolidate or transcode with Media Composer | Distributed Processing.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-11481. Promoting a title from the Title Tool application to Avid Titler+ cannot be performed if it includes a motion adapter.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-11796. Larger than 10 bit DPX files might fail to link correctly.Workaround: Go to File > Settings and click the User tab. In the Link Settings, click the Link Options tab and make sure Alpha Channel is set to Ignore.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-11430. Media Tool ignores the “Current project” filtering option and lists media files that are not associated with the current project.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-11197. In some instances, the Interleave option might not appear in the Export As dialog box. If you are performing an Export using the Avid Media Processor, the Interleave option should appear when you choose Stereo, 5:1, or 7.1 Audio.Workaround: If it does not appear, briefly toggle back to the Mono setting, then toggle to Stereo Mix once again. Doing so should reveal the Interleave option.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-8641. (AMD Graphics). Systems with AMD graphics cards might display tearing when performing Full Screen playback.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-9269. (Media Composer | Cloud) After performing a remote download operation on a sequence containing AVC-I 100 remote media, the downloaded media appears as XAVC-I 100.Workaround: Download the entire master clips.
    • Bug Number: (macOS).  You may occasionally see the menu bar flash followed by a brief beach ball. To fix this, deactivate “Displays have separate spaces” under System Preferences > Mission Control settings.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-9011. Intermittently, when working with the XDCAM Nablet Plug-in, you might see “Failed to get the sample position from the AMA Plug-in” errors if you have waveforms enabled in the Timeline.
    • Bug Number: COGS-2560. While working in the Script Window, text operations (cut/copy/paste/delete/editing) can only be done in edit mode. See “Editing a Script” in the Help.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-5650.  When working with Panasonic LongG media, you might receive an “SFPlayConsumer Timeout” error if audio waveforms are enabled. Workaround: Turn off audio waveforms.
    • Bug Number: MCDEV-5385. MultiCam editing with Panasonic LongG media is not supported with this release.

    ReadMe: The new ReadMe has been uploaded to the Knowledge Base Media Composer 2021 Documentation page at launch.

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  • Thu, Jun 17 2021 6:35 PM In reply to

    Re: Media Composer 2021.6 Available Now - 17 June 2021

    It seems this document needs proof reading again...

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    Re: Media Composer 2021.6 Available Now - 17 June 2021

    When are you releasing an M1 processor supported version?

  • Wed, Jun 23 2021 12:30 PM In reply to

    Re: Media Composer 2021.6 Available Now - 17 June 2021

    • Bug Number: MCDEV-14646. You could not always rename a bin in the Bin Container Sidebar.
    • Bug Number: MCCET-4024. You might have received an “Unable to create SearchData directory” error when mounting the project workspace to a different letter.
    These 2 bugs still occur on the 2021.6-version.
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    Re: Media Composer 2021.6 Available Now - 17 June 2021

    still very unstable during full screen playback when switching apps... In all hardware configurations.

    w10, always the latest version of MC, diy 7940x, gtx 1080 ti. [view my complete system specs]
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    Re: Media Composer 2021.6 Available Now - 17 June 2021

    have this issue as well(( lagging

  • Fri, Sep 3 2021 9:44 AM In reply to

    Re: Media Composer 2021.6 Available Now - 17 June 2021

    This bug only seems to still occur when you are using EditShare.

    Solution: In the EditShare Connect Client choose Settings - Preferences and then uncheck "Enable distributed EFS file locking"

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