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    Media Composer 2020.5 bugs (MAJOR bug with Frame Flex)

    Just updated from 2019.11 to 2020.5 all editing workstations/laptops. So far I came across one annoyance and one MAJOR bug.

    The annoyance is more of a ergonomic/design flaw - when using new "MOV" export (to take advantage of Prores encoding, btw. thanks for that!) there is no way how to define the raster. I expected the export to be the same as the current raster of the project, but it is not the case. I was working in DCI 2K Scope and the exported MOV was HD (inproperly scaled, subtitles with wrong aspect, etc.). The only way to fix this is to choose "Quicktime export" tab, set the raster there, then switch to "MOV" tab and proceed with export. This is confusing and unfortunate workaround. It would be great to have the raster selection directly in the "MOV" export tab.

    But far worse is the bug with the FrameFlex - when linking MOV files with different raster the scaling algorithm is complete garbage... Linked DCI 2k Scope MOV to HD1080 project and the file looks awfull. I was not able to find ANY solution, since there is no quality settings. The picture looks as if nearest neighbor (or something similar) is used. While experimenting I realised that as soon as I put any effect on top of the ugly FrameFlex-ed clip, the result is nice looking picture. Strange. But as soon as I render the effect (or export the sequence) the picture gets distorted again. In this state the FrameFlex is UNUSABLE completely, at least for linking MOV files with different raster (which is primarily what the FrameFlex is for). This issue was not present in 2019.11, since I re-used the old project which worked perfectly fine in 2019.11, with nice scaling/resize quality, but look terrible in 2020.5. This needs to be fixed, since this is not a "cosmetic bug" but a major flaw unfortunately.

    DNxIO w. MC2018.11 on HP z820 [view my complete system specs]
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