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    Big Smile [:D] New: MC2018, MC2019, MC2020.

    Hi everyone. I updated my Avid Versions website again: [LINK]

    Third time in a week, but it’s for a good reason: Avid has just released 2019.12.1 – the THIRD active version of Media Composer. That’s correct, 2019 is not being replaced by 2020, but rather it is an addition. The 2018, 2019, and 2020 builds are all being kept in active development. 

    This is a very good thing, yet I see a lot of users are confused. To help reduce that confusion, here’s a brief summary, based on all of the public documents that have been released in the past week, and Avid’s public Zoom conferences:

    1.) 2020.4 (New UI) [LINK]

    The 2020 series is brand new. Roughly 2,000 individual improvements were made, in order for it to run on Catalina. It also runs on Mojave, High Sierra, and Windows 10. Also, since Apple killed QuickTime with Catalina (and thus killed things like Avid’s usual QT Reference and Same-As-Source workflows), Avid needed to create something brand new, in order to keep media management happening. Thus they continued developing the media engine they introduced in 2019 – the Unified Media Engine (UME) – to replace the reliance on QuickTime. It is working. Some refinements are still needed, but it is working. And as a bonus, we can now create ProRes files on both Mac and Windows machines. Wohoo!

    However, some things were forced to change drastically. NitrisDX and MojoDX were dropped. The resolutions of DNxHD had to be renamed. (They now match the DNxHR naming style, so that’s a good thing for consistency.) The AMA-Link plug-ins “Avid Generic” and “QuickTime” were replaced by the newly created plugin “UME Link”. Though the term “AMA” is now gone, the core process of how you Link remains the same. Unfortunately, as you can logically assume, none of these changes can be recognized by any pre-2020 version of Media Composer. All you would see is the “Media Offline” screen. So understanding this is VITAL before you upgrade.

    Now… Are you ONLY creating new projects? Then 2020 is a great choice. In fact it is freaking amazing. It’s like a Ferrari – the fastest version yet, in terms of interface responsiveness and general playback & timeline performance. I'm not kidding. I raced two comparable machines next to each other. It's noticeably faster.

    However if you are on a team, and your other team members are running 2019 or older, and you are creating new media for them to use, then 2020 is NOT a viable option for you. Not yet. It will break your backward compatibility. Your team would see “Media Offline”. Upgrade to 2020 ONLY if you are a solo user, or are upgrading your whole team for a new project.

    2.) 2019.12.1 (New UI) [LINK]

    The 2019 series is being kept in development as a "long-term maintenance release". (The same way the 2018 series has been for the past year.) This is largely for those of you who LOVE the new UI, but are not able to abandon the classic QuickTime exporting; classic DNxHD codec names; and so on. It will get bug fixes. It may also get the occasional new feature. Note: 2019 will never, ever, ever get qualified for Catalina. It has reached its macOS ceiling of Mojave. So don't ask for it. Want Catalina? Get version 2020. Period. 

    3.) 2018.12.11 (Classic UI) [LINK]

    The 2018 series is still the favorite for many users, because it runs the classic UI. It has years and years of development behind it. Plus there are still a huge number of legacy Avid and 3rd-party hardware products and plug-ins made for it. So as a result of that mountain of support, 2018.x is still considered by many to be the most stable version of the three. It'll be that way for quite a while. 

    Do you love the classic UI? Then you have ab-so-lutely no reason to upgrade. I'm running seven or eight Media Composer systems right now, and four of them are on 2018.12.11. Why? Because it's just plain solid.

    - - 

    Still confused? Well I apologize if this sounds harsh, but most of the users I've spoken to who are confused have neither read the "What's New" documents nor the "Readme" documents. Please read them. Click on my link above, click on the version of Media Composer you want to learn about, and at the top of each one's page are ALL of the links to those documents. They're also on Avid's various sites, and they're provided for you when you download the apps in the download center AND in Link.

    Professional editors NEED to read these documents. That's one of the defining traits that makes them professionals.

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    Re: New: MC2018, MC2019, MC2020.

    Great write up!!



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