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  • Mon, Apr 6 2020 11:25 AM

    Media indexer feature request

    Dear Avid,

    This is a feature request regarding media indexer functionality in an Interplay media indexer NOMI HAG. In a NOMI HAG a media composer media indexer client seems to query only 1 media indexer for the media location on a Nexis storage. If for whatever reason one of the media indexers in a HAG is out of sync, for example because it crashed, there is no way for an administrator to stop the clients using that media indexer except by removing it from the server hostname setting on the interplay engine/removing it from the HAG/shutting the media indexer down. Would it be possible for the media composer/media indexer client on a media composer or mediacentral server to request the file locations on all available media indexers in case the media is reported as offline by one of them? That would make managing/updating/restarting media indexers much more easy in an 24/7 in use system with lots of clients. 

    It seems that the architectural design is currently based on the assumption that all media indexers in a HAG always have the correct media location information and that querying 1 available media indexer is enough and the ability to manually select from which media indexer on the client is not needed.

    Best regards, 

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    • Harry
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    Re: Media indexer feature request

    +1 on this.

    Also it would be nice to have feature to monitor the health of mediaindexers. So in case one of the mediaindexer starts to die (slow reponse times) you would get notified before your clients will call you about hanged mediacomposers. After all, it's an enterpize solution or what?

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    Re: Media indexer feature request

    Hi Harry,

    We used to have this when the media indexer was part of the Avid lookup framework and health monitor. The current web page of the MI is far less intuitive with the 2 databases on each MI and lacks crucial monitoring and search functionality to quickly troubleshoot. Media indexers not having internal cross check functionality between its classic indexer database and FI mongodb indexer database is also not helping.

    That the (economic) design decisions and backwards compatibility created an architecture that might not give a lot of space to redesign the whole system... that's life/business. But I believe that by this 'small' change on the client side checking all available indexers you can at least maximize continuity and have happy editors, directors, journalists etc... as the available redundancy is actually being used and the process to get one of the media indexers back in sync is done in the backgroud by the 'poor' technicians and system administrators. 

    Most of the MC/NC, Interplay, Nexis, ISIS, Unity stuff. [view my complete system specs]

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