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  • Mon, Mar 23 2020 11:25 AM

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    'Close Project', Renaming bins, hide sidebar, etc... - OSX 10.15.3


    I've been using MC2020.2 for a couple of days now as an assistant editor, here are some things I noticed:

    1. - 'close project' behaves strangely when I also have checked the option to 'Automatiucally launch last project at startup' from the interface menu. It seems to get trapped in a loop, coming back to the currently opened project and not taking me where I want to go: to the 'select project' window.

    2. - When I select 'show sources/media relatives', the bin view now jumps down to the actually show the media relatives. In a large bin with a couple of hundred files, I find that the previous behaviour (no jump) works better. (not sure if this is a bug or a new behaviour though, as sometimes it happens and sometimes not )

    3. - Would be nice if 'backspace' still moved folders/bins to the trash. 

    4. - When I create a new bin, it should automatically be allowing me to rename that bin. With the current behaviour I have to find the bin, then click in with my mouse to rename. Not good, since I never want to leave a bin with the default name.

    5. - And also the same with custom columns. I would like the old behaviour of immediately allowing me to rename the column once it has been created. (There's also a bug where I can't see the name I'm typing in when I'm renaming a custom column).

    6. If I have two bins open as tabs in a bin container and I drag a bunch of clips from one bin to the other, when I go back to the original bin the name column has disappeared. I need to play around with the little slider thing (the marker for where horizontal scrolling begins) in order to get the name to display again.

    7. - Would love an option to 'always hide sidebar when opening new bin container'. Usually I have the sidebar information open all the time somewhere else (actually, I am using the project panel in much the same was as it always has been used in pre-2019 MC).....this means that I'm getting duplicate information on my screen when I create a new bin contrainer. It's annoying. For anyone using the project window for their sidebar information, there should be an option to essentially never see this info pop up anywhere else.

    8. - Some more buggy behaviour while renaming clips in bins which I described here:






    MacPro (Rack, 2019), 3,2 GHz 16-Core Intel Xeon W, 96 GB 2933 MHz DDR4
    Media Composer: 2020.2
    OSX: Catalina 10.15.3



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