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  • Sat, Jan 25 2020 6:26 PM

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    Exporting AAFs - can you "assign" columns of metadata?


    I have a sequence in MC with about 125 clips. The clips have been relinked to original camera footage and I'm now sending an AAF of the sequence to a colorist who will conform the project in DaVinci resolve.  The conform hasn't been working and I suspect that one problem is that the cameras used in the shoot (all Sony A7 Mark 2s) all used the same filenaming method, resulting in several different camera files that have the same filenames! These files reside in different subdirectories, so one would think that the files wouldn't be confused with each other. But I suspect the filenames are conflicting.

    To streamline things a bit, I would like to put all the files into the same subdirectory but tweak the filenames to differentiate them. 

    The sequence is successfully linked to the files by their original names. But I suspect that I can't just "re-link" the sequence to to the newly-renamed files. It can't work because the filenames and sourcepaths are all new.

    What if I left the sequence linked as-is but created 2 new columns of metadata - NewSourceFile and NewFilepath - and then I paste the new file information into these new columns? The next step would be to export an AAF referring to NewSourceFile and NewFilepath data, instead of the data currently in the Source File and Source Path columns.  Can this be done on an AAF export?







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  • Sat, Jan 25 2020 9:18 PM In reply to

    Re: Exporting AAFs - can you "assign" columns of metadata?

    You might have some luck using custom data like Labroll or Camroll.

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    Re: Exporting AAFs - can you "assign" columns of metadata?

    The only way to know is to do a test with some sample clips. It will all depend on the grading system being able to see those new columns and being able to relink using them.

    Obviously this is avoided by making sure the cameras were set to use non overlapping filenaming or having doen batch renaming pre ingest.

    Its common practive during ingest to use the source folder name as a metadata entry in the bin (like Reel) 

    You ingest all the clips from that folder and then bulk fill in that column for all those clips.

    In the grading system you can then direct which metadata it uses as its reel and if that works filenames overlapping isn't an issue as long as the reel is diffferent.


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