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  • Thu, Nov 14 2019 3:20 PM

    Airspeed5000 doesn't execute PlayCue-command

    Controlling an Airspeed5000 at the customers site I want to CueUp a clip with ID="0_0" for playback

    From My software I'm sending:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><AMS><TransportControl><PlayCue ID="0_0" /></TransportControl></AMS>

    Sometimes I get an Error-Response with <Msg = "Error loadXML(API)"  ErrNum = 3> in spite of the fact the XML-Command is absolutely correct (I tested this with an XML-Editor also) and the clip isn't cued. Sometimes command is acknowledged with "OK".

    We also sent following command from ApiDemo (thanks to Charlie Singer)

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <PlayCue ID="0_0" />

    which is acknowledged by Airspeed5000 with "OK"

    But never ever the clip is really cued for playing.

    Firmware of Avid5000 is 2.9.8 R46435

    What's wrong????

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    Re: Airspeed5000 doesn't execute PlayCue-command

    Hi Hermann,

    I will need more information to give you a precise answer.

    ErrNum = 3 means XML Format Error, although I can't explain if you are seeing this error code only sometimes for the exact same XML. It will probably be best to use the ApiDemo.exe program to test your XML.

    Regarding the clip not cueing, I would need to examine the system's logs to see what's happening.

    Please send me logs from the appropriate timeframe from C:\Logfiles and I will try to determine why the cue might not be taking place.

    Cueing should definitely work fine in version 2.9.8, but you should know that version 2.9.8 was released in November 2016. We have a new version 3.0.15 being released next Monday, Nov. 18 2019.


  • Thu, Nov 14 2019 4:01 PM In reply to

    Re: Airspeed5000 doesn't execute PlayCue-command

    Hi Charlie,


    as I'm not sitting in front of the device I only have a log-file having received from my collegue in Berlin, but this contains several tries to cue up the clip "0_0". At line 315 there's a PlayCue-command received from the ProtocolAPi.

    As I do not succeed to attach a file to this post, I'll send it to you separately by email.



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