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  • Mon, Oct 28 2019 6:54 AM

    Editing a 2.39 project shot with anamorphic lenses


    I'm about to start editing a film that will be shot on the Alexa in 2.39, using anamorphic lenses.

    When the lab gave me an unmatted dailies test, there was extra information at the left and right sides of the frame that is outside the 2.39 frame lines that the DP shot for.

    I like the idea of keeping that extra information in case I need that real estate for repos later. However, I would have to cut the whole time with some sort of global reframing tool or applied-effect to be looking at (and outputting to the client monitor) the correct frame, right?

    Has anyone cut in this way? Thoughts on how to treat the clips in my timeline?

    Or for anyone who has cut a film in 2.39, did you just always receive your dailies from the lab with the sides cut off? Should I request the dailies that way to save myself the headache of needing to tweak my dailies globally?

    This is my first foray into the world of cinemascope! I would really appreciate any thoughts or advice.



  • Mon, Oct 28 2019 7:11 AM In reply to

    Re: Editing a 2.39 project shot with anamorphic lenses

    I've always had them chop off the sides for my dailies. Worst case scenario, I could have them re-transcode a take at full width if I really felt I needed it. Don't recall if I ever actually did call for one.

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