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  • Wed, Mar 21 2018 6:13 PM

    Technical question about the project creation for specifically sized film.

    Hello Community,


    I am new to this site and the Avid system in general, but I hope you could provide an answer to my question.

    I am the lead Compositing (2D Animation feature film) that is going to be edited on AVID.

    Now, to provide the editing department proper files, I find myself with half-half solutions apparently.. 


    The final Image file is suppose to be 2048 x 1107 on 24 ips. (this is ratio 1,85)

    I deliver literally 2048 x 1207 (=  +50 pixels on top and 50 pixels on the bottom to have my information text visible for check purposes only)

    The assistent editor told me on the phone that AVID does not have the option of specifying the amount of pixels to work with as a Project setting possibility. This seems a bit weird to me, seeing that Nuke, After Effects and equal Editing / image treatment software can modify any size with no problem.

    The proposition of the assistent editor was to put the file into a pre-fixed option in AVID of 2048 x 1556 and use masks to get rid of the +50 pixels on top and 50 pixels on the bottom...

    But this seems to me a wrong approach (plus I prefer to absolutely try to avoid letterbox type of thinking)

    Is there a way to manually set all project settings in Avid to specific wishes?


    Marc Konings

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    Re: Technical question about the project creation for specifically sized film.

    I'd recommend editing at 1920x1080. Our VFX EXR size is 2348x1566 so depening on finished aspect ratio we might do different things.  When cutting a 2.39 project we have the luxury of the black at top and bottom for burn-ins. For a 1.85 project we might fit the entire image raster into the 1920x1080 image and use a filter to zoom and mask the image as needed. You can still have your black at top and bottom but the image will be a little smaller than normal. The filter will blow it back up for output to the client tv so it look normal. The editor will turn that fx layer on and off depening on who is watching the footage.


    Just my thoughts.



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  • Tue, Apr 3 2018 5:45 AM In reply to

    Re: Technical question about the project creation for specifically sized film.

    You can set a custom size in current versions of MC. It does limit the codec options in MC.

    That said, your 2048x1108 is not a common delivery format. Digital cinema’s 1.85:1 is specified as 1998x1080. So eventually, you’ll have to scale this.

    Also, what would be the problem with a letterbox during editorial? Sounds like the additional data you add top and bottom could be extremely useful for the editors as well.

    Are you using MC to do the mastering? Because mastering is when you should easily be able to crop and or scale to final delivery resolution.

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