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    Skipping AMA links when downconverting to HD

    Hello all,

    I have an odd problem.  I'm working on a 4k (RED raw) problem that I'm off-lining in HD (DNxHD36).

    I've created an HD project (1080p/23.976) and I've been creating a brand new bin to populate all the footage with AMA links (RED raw 4k/23.976).  Let's say that there are 120 clips in all (AMA links)

    I've been "select all" (control+a) and then select transcode... and let the system transcode overnight (un-attended)

    In theory, I should end up with 240 clips in the bin (120 AMA links and 120 HD clips)

    In the morning, I check the bin's total clips (control+a..... then hit delete to get the dialogue box to come up... Obviously, I don't delete anything) but the dialogue box display 196 master clips.  The computer did not register fault (I checked in the console..... no warning message) but yet, MC has skipped over 22 AMA clips.

    For the past 4 projects the clip count has been about 15% short to the total clips selected.  I've been editing for 25 years..... I've selected control+a... then right click to bring up the transcode dialogue box….it's not like I did not select all the AMA links.   I don't understand.  

    Luckily, the RED has an alpha-numerical number (clip numbers) count, so it's "relatively easy" to find the AMA clips that have NOT been transcoded.  It's a manual count and a big waste of time.

    And yes, when I manually select the (not converted AMA) link it works like a charm.  These (not converted) clips are often in the middle of a series of clips and are not sequential …. Meaning that one clip will be skipped in the middle of the first group, then one clip in the middle of the 3rd group and then 2 clips in a row at the end of the 6th group and so on…. No rhythm or reason.  Yes, all the RED raw clips are fine and they playback (in 4k) without any issue.

    Can anyone at Avid get back to me and tell me why this is happening 




    MC 8.8.1 on approved HP Z820/48gb/Win7pro/24Tb G-speed Shuttle on

    Thunderbolt2 card/BlackMagic Design Studio 4k 10.8.4

    MC 8.8.6 on a Z820 Win7/64 48Gb RAM, Black Magic design Decklink Studio 4k... C drive is a Crucial SSD, Internal 6Tb esata (striped 2x3Tb), HP Thunderbolt2... [view my complete system specs]
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