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  • Mon, Apr 27 2015 2:28 PM

    Sequence Report does not give source file/path info on subclips

    On a previous movie with double system sound, I was able to print a sequence report which listed the file paths and sources needed for conform, so I could make sure I had all the drives and files necessary. This is not working on the current feature. Here's the workflow: Alexa footage (2K) is AMA'd in an Avid MC 8.3.1. Then LUTed and transcoded to a local drive in DNxHD36. The audio files are imported. The footage is autosynced in Avid which created subclips. The editor edits with the synced subclips. To conform one of these sequences, I open the sequence and generate a sequence report, which I expect to report the sources and file paths. Instead, it gives me tape names for the audio files, and says, "no imported files found", even though the audio was also imported. In the bin where the synced subclips reside, using source file & path columns, correct video source/path information is revealed, and no audio "tapes". I tested editing a sequence without subclips, and the sequence report revealed correct source/path information - so editing synced subclips seems to cause errors in sequence reporting. The only way I found to get the source file information from the sequence in this project, is to decompose, and scroll through a very long bin. I think the reason the sequence report worked on a previous feature is because we imported source clips rather than AMA and transcode. The Avid was very slow (MC8.1) in transcoding 2K files to 1080p DNxHD 36, so we used a stand alone program called "Alexic" from Light Illusion to LUT and transcode to DNxHD36 Quick Time files, which were imported into Avid, as was the audio, and autosynced. Editing with those subclips yielded sequence reports with correct source/file path information. Is it possible that transcoding AMA'd files into Avid, and Autosync subcliping creates a "perfect storm" when generating a sequence report? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Sequence Report does not give source file/path info on subclips

    Tape for imported BWF files is listed in the “Tape” column and is there because the “Tape” metadata field in the BWF has a value. Open the file in Sound Device’s Wave Agent and you will most likely see something in that tape field (bottom left area of UI). It may be a bug that sequence report cannot see .sync clips and is worth Avid knowing about this to see if it is an issue with clip types other than master clips. One consideration is to use FilmScribe or List Tool (8.3) to generate a pull list with Source Path as an option to include. 


    P.S. I've used Alexicc in the past, but I think you'd be better off using Resolve these days.

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