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  • Thu, Jan 15 2015 2:02 AM

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    Auto add new markers to shot changes in clips.

    Would be nice to be able to locate where shots change on captured clips.  For example, every cut to a new scene in a clip is marked my a locator.  You have options to do something like this when capturing HDV material.  Can it be implemented when capturing on an AirSpeed?

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    Re: Auto add new markers to shot changes in clips.

    There are various third party apps that will 'scene detect' and give you an EDL or aaf that can the be used to 'notch' the master clip within an avid sequence.

    I've found Resolve light does a good job.

    The steps are:

    In resolve media page -

    1 find clip on drive -

    2 right click and 'scene detect' and 'start'

    3 refine detection manually as necessary

    4 'add clips to media pool'

    5 switch to edit page

    6 create new timeline min timeline panel

    7 switch to media pool panel, select all clips and 'F9' to insert to timeline

    8 (here sometimes I have to wait a while if there are a lot of clips)

    9 export resulting timeline as aaf, switch to Avid

    In Avid:

    10 import aaf

    11 put original clip on V2 of Aaf

    12 step thru offline edits on V1 to check that cuts match v2 content scene changes

    13 add pan & scan effect to v2.

    14 subdivide p&s effect using v1

    15 remove all resulting p&s effects - leaving add edits

    16 tidy up by moving all to v1 and deleting v2

    Voila- a notched master. And yes I would like avid to do this- long standing feature request.


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