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  • Thu, Sep 12 2013 1:48 PM

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    How Do You Duplicate Bins


    I'm new to MC (using v7) and was wondering if it's possible to duplicate bins rather than making a new bin and copying clips into it from another bin.  I understand that bins in MC have a unique ID tag that has nothing to do with the name you give it, which seems to prevent you from opening 2 bins at the same time if one has been duplicated from the other (I tried copy/pasting in the Finder window).  In PPro & FCP this is simply a right click on the bin and select duplicate but MC doesn't seem to have that option.  Any advice is appreciated.



  • Thu, Sep 12 2013 3:55 PM In reply to

    • smrpix
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    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    The short answer is no.  Avid isn't FCP or Premiere.

    Presumably duplicating bins is an intermediate step to some other goal.  Maybe if you explain why you're doing this some alternatives could be suggested.  (Though you seem to have a pretty good handle on it already.)

  • Fri, Sep 13 2013 8:22 AM In reply to

    • Ben
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    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    Hi, thank you for the response.  My goal was to save myself a little bit of time.  I'm editing a drama where footage can be used in more than one scene so instead of making a new bin and copying all the clips in from another bin I just wanted to duplicate the bin.  It's not a big deal but good to know that it doesn't work like that.

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    • mjolnarn
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    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    Keyboard shortcut create new bin , cmd - a to select all the clips in the old bin and alt dragging to that new bin to get duplicates would take, say, below 5 secs Smile

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  • Fri, Sep 13 2013 8:27 AM In reply to

    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    Worth checking out the two ways of copying clips in bins.

    Avid allows you to duplicate or clone a clip (depending how you do the copy)

    Duplicate clips are independent, they can be modified, while linked to the same media without affecting the original clip.

    Clone clips are different. Modify one instance of a clip and all it's clones will follow suit.

    Ech has it's strengths and weaknesses but you need to be sure which you create.

    Sequences can only be duplicated never cloned.


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  • Fri, Sep 13 2013 8:59 AM In reply to

    • Ben
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    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    cmd-a select all, cmd-c copy in bin A, cmd-v paste in bin B is what I'm doing, and you're right, takes about 5 secs!

    I'd read about cloning clips, it sounds like a useful function.  When you talk about modifying clips I'm assuming you mean in the bin and not in the timeline.  What kind of modifications can you do to a clip in the bin, apart from rename it or add notes?  Add in-out points I suppose... Also, once you've created a cloned clip is it possible to 'de-clone' or unlink it from it's parent clip?

    Thank you for the responses so far.

  • Fri, Sep 13 2013 10:06 AM In reply to

    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    Useful Avid Shortcuts:


    +D =

    Duplicates selected clip(s) or sequence(s).


    Option + drag clips between bins =

    Makes a "Clone" of the clip. Changes to one clip (e.g. name, mark-in/out, locators) will also occur in the "cloned" clip(s). If you do not want to have this behavior, copy the clips by "duplicating" them. To do this, select the clip(s), go to the Edit menu and select "Duplicate." NOTE: No matter which method you use, Avid will never allow you to "clone" a Sequence. The "clone" behavior only works on clips.

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  • Thu, Jan 26 2017 11:25 AM In reply to

    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    Well you can accept the way it works in Avid - but you can still think that it's silly - like I do.

    The whole point of the ID is probably due to integration Unity / Interplay - as a stand alone app, you can copy all the bins you like between projects and you should have no problems, but if you start doing this in a shared environment, then it will bite you in the ass when two users start to open essentially the same bin as far as Interplay is concerned.

    The unique ID makes it impossible to do interesting stuff - like scripting the creation of projects via templates. I can make a thousand projects from a template in five seconds outside Interplay.

    Right now it takes a bit of work if you want templates by using the NLE to do it - and you have to know what you are looking for and how to do it too, open app, create new project, create new bins, find & open existing bins, alt drag clips, close bins. That's more than 5 secs.

    If I have new editors working stand alone - then I can provide them with a template project ready made - they don't have to know where anything lives or what to import etc. 

    You can use Interplay too - but it's still a drag n drop - and it's costly if all you want are simple templates.

    I believe the unique ID hidden in the bin binary is here to stay.

    You could always drop an AAF into your project too - but you can't INJECT it in there like you can by copying bins - it has to be performed opened manually.

    Interplay suprisingly doesn't support AAF either - checkin of AAF copied between bins won't work either (uinque ID probably).

    My hands are tied.


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  • Thu, Jan 26 2017 1:53 PM In reply to

    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    Haven't tried, but can you open a bin and then Save As?

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  • Thu, Feb 2 2017 2:12 PM In reply to

    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins


    The unique ID makes it impossible to do interesting stuff - like scripting the creation of projects via templates.

    I've just been testing this and looking to do some template scripting. It looks as if the unique ID is written in the bin binary and kept in the project file also.

    So you can't use windows copies of the same bin in the same project, because it will clash if you try to open the two bins simultaneously.

    What you can do though, is copy bins from one project to another (also check them into Interplay) for a template like workflow. Although I am not totally certain that at some point you might generate the same ID twice, if ID's are generated on a project level. ie. you might end up having a conflicting ID with some other bin that recieved an identical ID from another project - however remote the possibility.

    It would be nice to confirm if this might ever happen.


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    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    I think Job's basically got the answer. Click on a bin, then File/Save Bin Copy As... will do what you need.

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  • Tue, Mar 24 2020 1:45 PM In reply to

    • Richmarc
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    Re: How Do You Duplicate Bins

    Thanks.  Is there a way to copy clip names in a project bin and paste them in an excel spreadsheet?

    I can do 1 at a time but wonder if there's a way to select ALL and drag/drop those clip names into 

    the spreadsheet.

    many thanks,



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