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Telegram! - Fixing a crooked shot.

Published on: Sat, Mar 10 2018


This how-to is about using Blend / 3D Warp keyframes (along with SpectraMatte for Chroma key) to create a "touch-screen" illusion.

Download and Unzip these 4 links to see how this effect is put together on your system. I improved the key, and tried to make the whole thing loop-able by changing the ending. (Those changes are not shown above)

I would call attention to the Blend / 3D Warp key frames, particularly the use of Spline vs. Shelf for Twist (rotate) vs. Tap (scaling) shots.

The Green Screen shots were recorded with the hand placed directly on an LCD monitor displaying all green. It was lit with a low watt bulb in a clamp lamp... decidedly low tech. but a fun experiment from 7 years ago. Enjoy!

MC v8.4.5 Project Folder




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