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    Re: Avid helps bring viewers to the FRONTLINE in Egypt

    Chris Fournelle:
    With those particular shots, I ingested the tapes with a PAL version Canon XHG1 into a 1080 50i project via firewire with my MacBook Pro.  I was connected to Unity with Port Server Pro.  I could only get a valid signal by setting my frame size to 1440x1080 and using the HDV resolution.  I didn't have any issues with the TC.
    ….Hi Chris: Yeah, Avid Media Composer has no problems when capturing in regular 1440 x 1080 Interlaced modes. The reason you had to set your project resolution to 1440 x 1080 is because HDV is a thick raster HD format. HDV doesn't use the full raster 1920 x 1080 space. You wouldn't have any problem capturing source code from an interlaced HDV tape. Avid has always had this part of HDV capture working properly. The big nightmare starts with attempting to capture HDV in 24 F progressive mode (In Canon's case,that's realtime 3:2 pull down removal) 
    Chris Fournelle:
    The other instances were with 30f
    ….Canon 30 F is less problematic, and can be captured in an 29.976 P project with source tape TC I do believe. I have to go back and test this one again. I only used a Canon 30 F project once and I don't remember the particulars
    Chris Fournelle:
    One note about the entire project: Contrary to normal practices, we ingested everything at HD resolution so there wouldn't be any down-time with the conform.
    ….Yeah, we always capture and shoot everything in HD, even if delivery is in SD, which in our case, is almost never these days. Montreal went HD very early on in 2008. Thank you for going into detail with the HDV workflow. I appreciate that. Idea Avid ! Wake up and fix Canon 24 F HDV capture to include capturing TC source from the HDV tape ! Angry

    Mark Job

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