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  • Wed, Jan 20 2010 9:36 AM

    Metafuze problems with DS, HELP!

    Hi, i'm new to both the forum and the DS! I usually work on MC 3.1 (i know, behind the times!) but i'm awaiting an upgrade to 3.5-fingers crossed. We are starting a stereo 3D project in the next week or two and i need to learn the ropes, fast! Firstly, what would be the best system to work on? MC or DS?

    On the DS i'm having problems seeing the left and right eye QT tests, they won't even open in XP. I presume the fact they won't open in windows is a codec issue, would this effect the import into Metafuze as well? I can see a standard QT exported from the DS when put into Metafuze, just not the other 2. With all 3, i seem to be unable to transcode any as the status says failed...

    Can anyone please shed any light on any of this? Any help greatly appreciated as i've had a sleepless night trying to figure this out!



  • Wed, Jan 20 2010 11:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Metafuze problems with DS, HELP!

    For offline, creative editing MC is better. However, if you have tons of storage and need effects and compositing right away, DS could be a better bet. Both can display stereoscopic images. Here is a DS video tutorial on stereoscopic setup.


    DS can only parse Quicktime codecs installed in the operating system. Same is true for MetaFuze. If it doesn't play back on the desktop it will not play back in the application.

    Igor Ridanovic

  • Thu, Jan 21 2010 10:11 AM In reply to

    Re: Metafuze problems with DS, HELP!

    Thankyou for your quick response. Which system we use is still up in the air, but while i'm feeling the need to learn i'll so a bit of self training on the DS. Great link too, going to have a go at that now. Just another question, if i may? I read on another topic about stereo 3d mirrored images. They were using MC and said someone replied that they were able to flip/flop the image by choosing an option in Metafuze when transcoding. I can't seem to find this option on this, it just transcodes without any questions. With the DS is it safe to just flip the mirrored eye on the timeline? I just guessed this was the easiest way? I will give it a go or try and research some more while i wait patiently for any advice. The crews in on monday with the rushes so need to figure this all out fast!

    Thanks again


  • Fri, Jan 22 2010 6:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Metafuze problems with DS, HELP!

    It's very easy to flip or flop images in DS. It's not part of  the stereoscopic container tools but it only takes a click or two to enable it.

    Igor Ridanovic

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