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  • Tue, Jun 9 2009 4:51 PM

    • JP Redman
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    Importing P2 based MXF files into MC

    First let me apologize if this has already been asked and answered. I searched the Forum and found nothing on the question, so I'm asking.


    My boss has made a promise I need to fulfill if it is possible and I don't know if I can.


    I am anxious because:
    1) This is project will have a one day turn-around AND I will not have the chance to test the data channel to be sure everything is compatible. I certainly would if I could, but I can not.
    2) No one in our shop has ever worked with P2 based equipment or media.


    The INFO...
    An independent shooter using their own equipment will be shooting 1080i 59.94 (DVC-Pro HD) on a P2 card. Their plan is to transfer the resulting MXF files from the P2 cards to an external hard disk. I will then import those files into MC.


    I'm a bit nervous about this procedure because, it is very similar to  the procedure Focus Enhancements recommended for our FS-5s when we first got them AND that procedure DID NOT WORK (Avid index file creation problems) until FE released a firmware upgrade.


    SO... the question is -- How probable is it that I will be able to import AND USE MXF files shot on P2 cards and transfered to an external hard drive into our MC system?


    Thanks, JP


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    Re: Importing P2 based MXF files into MC

    I've done something similar to this in the past.  First and most important, the shooter will need to create a folder on the external drive for each of the cards (if there is more than one).  (i.e. Card A folder, Card B Folder, etc).  Then, the shooter will need to copy the entire contents of the card into the corresponding folder.  This way you'll have an exact duplicate of the card.

    Bring the drive to your Avid system, create a project that corresponds to the P2 video format.  Once inside, under "File" select "import P2 Clips", a directory tree should appear, navigate to the external drive, highlight the first P2 folder (Card A folder) select OK.  You should see your bin populate with the clips from the Card folder.  Repeat for each of the card folders (if there is more than one).

    At this point you're working off the media on the external drive.  You can skip this part and go right to consolidating if you like, but I usually log, name and organize clips at this point, to weed out those you don't need.  Final step will be to consolidate the media files.  Go to File>Import P2>Import Media to move the media files to your local storage.

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