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  • Fri, May 23 2008 5:51 AM

    Errors Persist Even With Changes


    Hello ALL,


    I have several error messages when I open Avid Xpress Pro 5.6.4 and I would like to know how to get rid of them. I can still edit on my system and I have been able to export 2 projects off of my system, but I don’t want my system to go suddenly if this problem continues to be ignored. So far I have followed suggestions posted on this forum to try and trouble shoot. Below is the list of errors and what I have done to try and solve this problem. Please help...
    First error message is:
    "An access violation exception occurred. For more info see error log.
    C:/program file/Avid/Avid Express Pro/Avid Fatal error reports/Exception_"

    Second error report is:
    "the Avid SDM (Storage Device Manager) could not load & Initialized. This could be due to a mismatch with the Avid SDM shared library & service & result in degraded performance while running the Avid application. Please make sure that the proper Avid SDM shared Library & service are installed on the system".

    Third error message is:
    Title exception: guard page exception. A page of memory that marks the end of a data structure such as a stack or an array has been accessed. (0x80000001) occurred in the application @ location 0x80-10fe7ec.)

    Fourth error message is:
    Avid start up.exe-application error. The instruction @ “ “ referenced memory @ “ “ the memory could not be read.

    Fifth error message is:
    Exception: a serious error has occurred it is recommended that you restart application.

    1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Windows XP as well as the software itself with no results.

    2. I have deleted the folder called Avid Media Files and OMFI Media Files located on the root of all partitions with no results.

    3. I ran a MEMtest to check my memory and it passed.

    4.Disabled Simple File Sharing

    5. Reinstalled graphics card driver.

    6. First made sure avid SDM service was on automatic and then disabled.

    What next????

    Based on the errors, could the ATI Radeon Graphics card I have be the problem? I dont have a problem getting video when I edit.

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  • Fri, May 23 2008 10:30 AM In reply to

    Re: Errors Persist Even With Changes


    Before you start troubleshooting, my first piece of advice is if you've got an unsupported system working (especially one with an ATI graphics card), you ought to count your blessings and leave it alone.

    That said, I understand the desire to eliminate the error messages, so here's what I'd look at.

    1. You're running the wrong version of Quicktime.  According to the version matrix, you ought to be running Quicktime 7.1.

    2. If reinstalling Windows XP and Xpress Pro hasn't helped, I'd look at Windows XP optimization to see if there's anything you could adjust in Windows for better performance.  Errors 3, 4 and 5 look like system errors, and this may help.

    good luck,

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