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  • Sat, Mar 29 2008 9:33 PM

    A few feature requests for the next update

    1. A mod key to overide the way segment mode treats audio as stereo tracks. I.e. You currently can't grab a clip from 1+2 and move them to 2+3.

    2. A mod key that allows you to take a copy of a transition effects that is on the end of the clip that you move, instead of leaving it behind. For instance if I have an audio clip with a audio dissolve in and out and I want to move it down a track I currently loose my dissolve and have to re-apply it.

    3. A way to lock the heights of the tracks in the timeline. I keep clumsily grabbing the tracks by accident when I'm selecting multiole tracks lights. Just a setting to disable the mouse ability to adjust track height but keep the shortcut keys.

    4. Please keep the effect icon that is applied to a clip visible on screen when part of the clip is still on screen, rather than keeping it positioned in the middle of a clip. I find I have to zoom out a lot just to see if the next clip has an effect applied.

    5. Please. Please. A search funtion that allows you to find clip/seq names and show which bin it is in. Not a media tool search. Just a clip name from the .avb files even in offline projects.

    6. MATCH FRAME FOR TITLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. A short cut way to trash all precomputes from current project accept ones used in the currently selected sequence. With a double WARNING!!! window.

    8 A way to alter the project association of clips without having to consolidate.

    That's it for now. Sorry for any redundancy.

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  • Sat, Mar 29 2008 11:04 PM In reply to

    Re: A few feature requests for the next update

     Regarding item 3: Changing track height USED to require CTRL + drag to activate it - now it automatically activates with a basic mouse over, causing unwanted height changes. I find this very annoying as well...we need to return to CTRL dragging for this function.

    Regarding item 5: Check out this post for a good workaround for pre-compute matchbacks.

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