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  • Wed, Mar 26 2008 6:09 PM

    An Nvidia Quadro Question.

     Hello every one!

    I am looking in to buying an Nvidia Quadro FX card for my Media Composer Workstation. I am much entrusted in having my time line to out put form the card to a monitor. So I started looking at the Nvidia Quardo FX 1500. Everything I am reading about the card sounds great! And I like the 40Gb/s memory bandwidth. I have seen that the Nvidia came out with a FX 1700.

    Looking into the FX 1700 I can see it’s on a newer chip and has support for new features. Even though it has 256Mb more of memory (512MB total) but its older DDR2 and on a 128Bit bus which brings it down to 12.8 GB/sec. Memory Bandwidth compared to the 40 GB/sec on the FX 1500. The FX 1700 also has a HD decoder and supports DX10 and shader model 4.0

    My question to you fellow editors is

    Which card will serve me better? I can’t seem to find any benchmark tests or anything that compares the two cards to one and other. What do you feel is the better investment? And why?

    Also a side note, I Use Avid Meida Composer 2.8 with After Effects and Lightwave


    Thanks to every one!


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    Re: An Nvidia Quadro Question.


    There's a good post about Nvidia cards here.

    good luck,

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    Re: An Nvidia Quadro Question.

    Here's a better comparison between the two:

    1700 specific .pdf is here:

    The 1700 is also PCIe 2.0 compliant, like all of the new x700 line of cards

    Get the 1700, you won't regret it.


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    Re: An Nvidia Quadro Question.

     Hey thanks guys for your quick posts back!

    Im going to head over and read the links you guys posted. My motherboard is Tyan S2696 and will not take advantage of the PCIe 2.0. Since its only a PCI2 x16. 


    Alright so I went to links the first one, I have checked out before. I didnt want to post there couse I felt like it was going on another direction. The other links, One, I used to compare the FX1500 to the FX1700.  The PDF link is great but it only gives the information that's already on Nvidia site.

    Im just wondering if there is loss in performance with the FX1700 since the Memory Bandwidth is much smaller then of the FX1500.

    Another question poped into my head is these cards have HD-Out. Which is the main reason Im looking at them. Can this be done with Geforce cards since they too have HD-out? Or is the HD-Out on the Quadro cards more intended for programs such as Avid?

    Thank you for all your input

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    Re: An Nvidia Quadro Question.

     Just to give an up date, I posted the same question at graphic forums page and I got the answeres I needed, I'll Post them here if any one if wondering the same thing, or if any one see's and anything wrong with it. Thanks again to every one.


    Most benchmarks on quadro cards are done for CAD and DCC 3D programs.

    Video cards have a top shelf life of about 1 year or so until new generation is replacing the old technology.

    1700 supports DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.1 while the 1500 only support DirectX 9C and OpenGL 2.0. what does DirectX10 means ? it will support windows vista and beyond.

    there is also a requirement in AVID where the card must have more than 256MB of ram available for editing with HD contents. The FX1500 will not pass this requrements since the card actually use some of the ram for it's own function.

    1700 has more ram but it is slower. Here's the reason. When the capacity is an issue (256MB) the data needs to move twice as fast or it become a bottle neck to the GPU. with 512mb of capacity it takes longer to fill up and data can move with more regular pace instead of rushing all the time.

    The GPU itself is faster and more efficient because technology has allow it to be smaller with more transistors. Power consumption is only 45w vs the 65w on the 1500.

    If you look at the chart on NVIDIA site

    the results on the benchmarks are much higher than the 1500. The texture and the geometry fill rate is the key for producing faster more accurate frame rates. The HD decoder inside the GPU will take care of HD stream playback in your video editing program instead of using the CPU to render it on the screen.
    Intel Xeon E5345 Quad 2.33GHz - TyanS2696 MotherBoard - 4Gb Quad Channel DDR2 667 Ram - Nvidia Quadro FX 540 - 160GB (boot drive) 1.2 TB Raid 0 (4x320... [view my complete system specs]


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