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  • Fri, Jul 1 2022 12:24 PM

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    Audio Mixdown MXF files

    When completing a project, besides the various export master files, I also make two video mixdown files - one with captioons and one withour, plus a audio mixdown.

    I presumed that the audio mixdown file is stereo - like the timeline, but when I examine the file using the "Reveal file" feature in MC and then open the file in an external player, it is certainly a mono mix file.

    I notice that MC actually creates two MXF audio files of identical size - if the file that is shown in the bin is - for example -

    called 601-140-07 LIGHED F629925EB.mxf

    then there is also a file called 601-140-07 LIGH629925EB.1.mxf

    these two files have the exact same sixe and both play back a mono files, though only the second is referenced in the MC bin where I stored the mixdowns. As one can see, the filenames are almost identical too.

    If I open the file from the bin in the source viewer, it plays back as a stereo mix - but if I open it from the windows folder using the "Revale file" it is mono.

    Simple question - why? Can MC not create a stereo MXF file when running a mixdown?

    Of course for archiving I can (and have) also made an Export to File as 24 bit 48K stereo wave file, which can also play as stereo and be reimported to MC if necessary.

    But I don't udnerstand the logic of MC  making a stereo mixdown, the file of which as "Revealed" is only mono?

    What is the point of all tis? Any wisdom out there?


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  • Fri, Jul 1 2022 1:47 PM In reply to

    Re: Audio Mixdown MXF files

    Avid's native MXF files are Open Atom. Meaning there is a separate file for each video and audio track. And even if you choose to create OMF-WAV files, you will find that they are single-channel only. (Similarly, a single video clip with an alpha channel would result of two MXF video files).

    Any track/channel in MC is singular. The mixdown clip you created would normally be flagged as stereo inside MC. That stereo clip uses two actual MXF files, one for Left (A1) and one for Right (A2).

    Stereo in general just means two channels recorded for stereo playback. If you prefer a single "interleaved" file with your stereo mix, File->export to WAV.

    Alternatively, you could file-export both picture and sound to Op1A MXF (which bundles multiple tracks into a single MXF file).

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