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  • Wed, May 11 2022 3:29 PM

    Cheap 32in 4k work monitor ?

    Hi All

    Looking for a cheap 32 inch 4K (UHD not true 4K) not the client monitor but my Composer monitor. Looking for some more real estate to work with and 27 inches is not cutting it. Any thoughts ?

    Also is this Blue Titler app any good ? Is it free with Media Composer ? For quick and dirty titles I loved the old Title tool but I find Titler + baffling. I just need to do a simple scene missing slate. Sadly Title tool in the Composer legacy tools doesn't seem to work with 2022.4 or does it ? Is it me ? Does anyone else find Titler +. Thanks


  • Wed, May 11 2022 6:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap 32in 4k work monitor ?

    Hey Garry, 

    Composer monitor as in where you have your timeline and composer? Any particular reason as to why you need a 4K computer GUI monitor? 

    Yes the Titler + is a hot topic right now. Have you managed to try the new titler + UI in the 2022.4 version? If there's anything in particular you feel isn't working, post here:

    Editing Movie Magic.

    My Equipment & System Specs

  • Wed, May 11 2022 6:34 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap 32in 4k work monitor ?

    Hi Philip

    I suppose it doesn't need to be 4K but it does need to be 32 inches. I just figured 4K is the future I guess. As long as it is sharp and easy to read.

    As per the Titler + it is not very intuitive. I am just trying to make temp informational titles like scene missing etc. The only way I can figure out how to use it is like in all the youtube videos is by marking and in to out on an upper track and treating it like a lower third and them moving it to where I want it. I am sure it is me.  I have tried it in 2022.4 what do you mean by "UI" ? I wish I had the old title tool for very simple titles.

    One bug I have found in 2022.4 is that when I hide it , on Mac, for more than a few moments I cannot unhhide it and my M1X mac then crashes and I need to restart. Now I just quit MC while I do something else.



  • Wed, May 11 2022 6:42 PM In reply to

    Re: Cheap 32in 4k work monitor ?

    I have the LG Ultrawide 34WL505-B 34-Inch IPS Monitor 2560x1080. It's fantastic. 

    Here are some pics:

    I recommend

    Editing Movie Magic.

    My Equipment & System Specs

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