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  • Mon, Jun 21 2021 8:14 AM

    Get Project size from Interplay Webservice

    I would like to collect for each project the amount of storage it uses and thus giving our media managers a tool to decide wich project needs cleanup. 

    So i collect some data about clips, sequeces and relatives first:

    • collect all masterclips and store the mobid and media size.
    • collect all sequences in "Projects"
    • collect all relatives from these sequences and store the masterclip_mobid and media size.


    Then group by mobid and folder and here you have the summarized media size. But this is wrong. The mediasize is not the same as filesize shown by access.

    In below image is the filesize much less then the summarized media size



    So how can i calculate the Filesize?

  • Mon, Jun 21 2021 11:50 AM In reply to

    Re: Get Project size from Interplay Webservice

    Hoi Rens,

    I don't have a simple answer to your question, however would like to share some experience on determining file size.

    As the media and projects reside on an Isis or Nexis, the blocksize of the filesystem comes into play. This mostly affects small files, so probably not something you are really concerned about (also looking at your search criteria). That said, this always results in Windows explorer (Mac OS finder), the Nexis webpage and Access reporting different numbers.

    So, I don't know how far off they are to say if something is wrong.

    On a side node, to understand if the numbers add up relative to the free space available it is a good practise to resync in Access on a regular basis. Orphaned media always slowly builds up.


    Most of the MC/NC, Interplay, Nexis, ISIS, Unity stuff. [view my complete system specs]

    Avid reseller ACSR at Telmaco

  • Mon, Jun 21 2021 6:11 PM In reply to

    Re: Get Project size from Interplay Webservice

    Hi Jeroen,

    To give a clear example. Searching Interplay Access for masterclips (relatives is ticked on in options) for all media in a partcular Workspace the 'File Size' says 1,6 TB. The file properties in Windows (MXF Folder) says 1.6 TB and Size on disk is also about 1.6. So access is correct. Resyncs are done weekly btw.


    If i do the same search using the webservices ( masterclips + sequences + relatives ) and then group by mobID i get the same masterclips, but the combined 'Media Size' is 2,2 TB. So 'File Size' is a different calculation then just adding 'Media Size' of all masterclips found.


    So how do they do it?


    Best Rens



  • Tue, Jun 22 2021 3:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Get Project size from Interplay Webservice

    I figured something out today:

    Some consolidated clips share the same mediafiles on Nexis. Each consolidated clips has it's own unique mobid but may or may not point to the same media file. So grouping on MobID is not enough.

    I am also exploring CTMS which seems to be faster in getting relatives and the metadata of the files on Nexis.

    Best Rens.


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