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  • Tue, Jan 26 2021 5:04 PM

    • greentea
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    2018 vs 2020 version

    I am unable to do the following in media composer 2018 and am wondering if the 2020 version has a fix for these:

    1)  With the 2018 version I couldn't "undo" a bin delete or typing delete?  For instance, sometimes I deleted the text/title for a music clip by accident and couldn't control z to bring the text back. 

    2)  There found no way to map switching to specific camera angles to the keyboard.  I needed to right click on the clip and choose the camera angle that I wanted or cycle through every camera angle with a previous and next camera angle button.  (not looking to "cut" to the camera angle, just "switch")

    3)  Avid seemed to limit what could be mapped to the keyboard.  For instance there's a keyboard shortcut to zoom in and out of the timeline, but no way to map it to something different than what has been assigned to it from Avid.

    4)  Avid 2018 couldn't map with different modifiers, only shift. And you couldn't map the numeric keypad.

    5) Unable to copy and paste an effect from another sequence.  It was a 2 step process of dragging the effect to a bin and then dragging it to the sequence.

    Much appreciated.

  • Tue, Jan 26 2021 6:23 PM In reply to

    • bmedia
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    Re: 2018 vs 2020 version

    1. Don't deleted bins go into the trash where they can be recovered? But definitely, no on the question about Ctrl-Z for typos.

    2. No idea as I don't use the multicamera features.

    3. You have always been able do this using the "menu to button" option in the command pallette to map the Zoom In/Out options from the hamburger menu in the timeline to whatever key you want. I used to map them to the up/down arrow keys, but since Avid now uses those, I map them to +/- to match Premiere.

    4. I don't think so.

    5. Nope. It's just the Avid way. Though I think you can skip the trip to the bin by just dragging one clip's effect from the effect editor onto another clip. 



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    Re: 2018 vs 2020 version

    Welcome to the forums Greentea.

    Four multicamera angles are mapped by default on the F8 to F12 keys. You can map more wherever You like.

    The timeline zoom key is already mapped somewhere on the keyboard, I do not remember the exact location with MC 2018, but You can find that out by opening the keyboard settings. It's a double circle icon.

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    peace luca

  • Sun, Jan 31 2021 11:15 AM In reply to

    • daapap
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    Re: 2018 vs 2020 version

    The cameras are mapped to the numlock  pad by default:

    7 C1

    8 C2

    9 C3

    4 C4

    5 C5

    6 C6


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