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  • Fri, Jan 22 2021 2:09 PM

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    Restoring backup of Avid MediaFiles

    Hi everyone!

    My RAID media Disk was about to fail. Fortunately I managed to backup all the media files before doing a long formatting of the RAID disk (By the way, the RAID disk is working properly now).

    I started Media Composer once all the Avid MediaFiles were copied back to the RAID disk.  Avid started reindexing files normally until it found an "unsuitable" file in folder 3. Avid put it in quarantine and after a while it froze.  I waited for a long time but there was no progress. I then moved the "wrong" files out of the Avid MediaFies folder and Avid loaded normally, but some projects now have media misssing. So Media Composer could not see all the restored media files. Davinci Resolve does not see the "wrong" files either.

    The funny thing is that an older backup has copies of some of those "wrong" files. I mean exact copies, same name, same date, same size. Both Avid and Resolve can see those exact copies included in the older backup. 

    Unfortunately about 400 GB of mxf files of the recent backup are not included in the older backup.  Is there any way of recovering those files without having to re - import them from the camera files?    Maybe a Windows permission, attribute, security issue. Probably something went wrong while making the recent backup?


    Thanks very much for your help.

    Media Composer 2018.4

    Windows 7

    HP 420, 32 GB, Radeon RX 480.  RAID O Media Disk


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  • Fri, Jan 22 2021 4:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Restoring backup of Avid MediaFiles

    My guess would be either the bakup recovery has corrupted the files (so re trying may help)

    Or the the files were damaged by the failing RAID and you have backedup damaged files (no hope there)

    I'd restore the lasted backup. The restore the older backup and let it overwrite files.

    Then let Avid re-index. Anything that is quarantined is probably a lost cause and will need to be re-ingested.

    You can get an MD5 creation tool and use that to make MD5 checksums of files and then compare theose MD5 checksums. My guess is they will differ showing later copies of files are different (corrupt)

    Also are you confident the RAID failure is rectified? Did a drive fail and get replaced.

    A corrupt format may come good with a reformat but if underlying that is another issue you may have just bought some time.

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