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    Re: Color control panels for Avid

    Yes the 1k price tag is what your looking at. Although that is US dollars. So less for me in the UK, more for you in Aus. But I dont know if that is alot or not ?
    You do get two licenses for that, so can install and run on two machines.

    The free version is, if someone has sent you a project and media that has the plugin used, you can render it. You cant change any of the baselight grade though.

    Why dont you download the trial and give it a test. In avid you drop it on a clip, grade real quick, and copy to other clips if you want.

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    Re: Color control panels for Avid

    Pat Horridge:
    Its a neat plugin for sure. But I don't think it supports any surfaces MC doesn't ?

    Appart from Artist Color it also supports Tangent panels as already mentioned - plus JL Cooper MCS3 and MCS Spectrum and Filmlights own Slate panel.

    Slate is really nice but unfortunately very pricy (like 12500$)

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    Re: Color control panels for Avid

    The free plugin just allows you to play (and render) baselight grades. Its so you can pass an avid timeline to another Avid and they can play your grades but not change them.

    But yes it is an outlay. It depends how much time it saves you round tripping to Resolve and how that mounts up over the years.

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    Re: Color control panels for Avid


    You know I love ya but search is your friend.   I quickly found this by doing ONE search...... for the info needed.

    Baselight Editions (Free)

    The Free Reader allows you to read and render Baselight grade information within your editing or VFX package - without purchase.

    If you want to switch to the unlimited version, you can purchase a licence from our web store at any time. It's exactly the same application so no further installation is required.

    You can find out more about using Baselight Editions with a free licence in our Quick Reference Guide.


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    Re: Color control panels for Avid

    It might also be worth mentioning that you can also have your licence as a freelance licence.

    What this means is that you can activate any free version of Baselight Editions into a fully functioning version for any number of days you like. You'll need to be able to connect to the Filmlight server (via the internet) for this to work.

    Simply input your licence key and the number of days you want and you're ready to grade. Once those days have expired, the plugin will revert to the free version. You're then able to temporarily licence another system.

    This feature is useful for freelancers who want to take their licence with them when working on various client's hardware. Once you've left, the client can still render and output the grade with the free version, but they can't make any changes to the grade. It's also useful for those who have multiple Avid systems at their facility and just want to be able to move the licence around.

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