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    Re: 15-year-old "OMFI MediaFiles" items not linking

    Thank you for all of this!  This answers my question and I'll be receiving some media in an hour or two, so I'll be able to explore all the options shortly. 

    The original media was digitized from DVCAM tapes onto the unity.  The unity was fiber'd to an LTO PC and that's what we would use to backup to once a season ended.  We are restoring those LTO's as we speak and drives are being couriered to my house.  It's over 121 episodes (at 60gbs an episode) of dailies at 3:1m OMF so it would take some time to convert everything to MXF.  Would love to do that, but might not have the time.  We will have to see.  Thanks for the input and I'll update as I move through! 


    P.S. (Marianna - I was actually going to reach out to you privately about this topic as my subscription is ending shortly and I wanted to talk with you about the new options and how they would effect this specific project.  So, thank you for the help!)

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    Re: 15-year-old "OMFI MediaFiles" items not linking



    I saw this once before.......... here is what happened and what workaround worked.

    Re: OMFI MediaFiles problem -- AVID won't recognize files

    Ok...I figured out what happened...and will post my new question separately.  Here was my situation:

    I figured out only the audio files that I'm using in my final cut are being unrecognized...  What I did was used Sound Soap to clean up my audio...the original files in fact in the OMFI Media Folder.  (I kept originals in case something got screwed up.)  Well as I put the cleaned ones back into OMFI Media Folder and play with them again in Avid, Avid runs them fine.  However, if I refresh my database, that's when Avid gives me the error.  In other words, if I don't refresh, Avid won't choke, and it DOES recognize the file and play 'em fine.  It's just the database refresh routine that doesn't recognize them.  I'll post this question as a new thread, but to finalize this one:

    Bottom Line: Don't alter your files in the OMFI MediaFiles folder with external software and resave them back inside.


    also this might help you as well....




    Thanks so much for your response to my problem. (Just to clarify for future readers, this thread has split into 2 questions; the past few postings were discussing the scenario from Redblotch, with a situation related to mine.  I'm the original poster.)

    Just wanted to clarify what's going on for me.  My OMF files (from 2008) are video media only.   As far as I know, the files weren't sent to external software for cleaning up.  There are AIF files in that OMFI folder as well which contain the synched audio which go with those video files. AVID doesn't recognize the AIF audio files either, but at least I can hear them and manually place them in my timeline based on their filenames and a VHS viewing copy I have of the project. 

    As discussed, the OMF video files are not recognized or playable in AVID. I've tried playing them through other software and have had success (limited) with Handbrake.  In Handbrake, I get an image, but the clips play at a bizarre raster dimension (712x242) and also at a bizarre playback speed. Judging by how fast I had to speed it up to match the synched audio AIF, the video runs at 41% of the correct speed. I'm glad to share a short OMFI video file, with its corresponding synched audio AIF, with you.  So, in the OMFI file, the video information is 'in there' (though in some distorted form). I would love to access the metadata as well, and then convert the images + metadata into a format that AVID will recognize, and then link to the timeline from 2008.

    One last bit of context that might provide a clue. These glitchy OMF and AIF files were saved in a hurry by a clerical worker at a post house that was shutting down. The person wasn't trained as an AVID editor or assistant and may have been guessing at settings while saving/ consolidating during those chaotic final days of the operation. Can you think of any consolidation settings that would yield OMF media at 712 x 242 and 73 fps?

    Thanks very much for your thoughts on this,




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