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  • Wed, Mar 10 2021 8:50 PM In reply to

    • Remco Uri
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    Re: Why is AVID Titler Plus impossible to work with?

    Mike F Bowen:
     But it is still the best editor out there, again in my opinion, on quality UI adjustment and overall editing

    I agree 100% with you Mike. I am working with AVID for a long time now and have seen many bugs. I’m working for a news station and long ago they started using AVID News Cutter. It is stable enough for fast and last minute editing. But now everything is MC with NC keyboard layouts. I like that very much, use that layout myself to. Fortunately this station is still HD, so no problems there with the Title Tool jet, but I am afraid that when they decide to go UHD/4k, that there will be tons of issues that need to be solved. It’s a network of many many AVID systems. All connected to a big server. But they also have good technicians that know what they are doing.

    Today I installed the update 2021-2, so I’ll test the Title editor again. But I won’t expect any improvements.



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  • Wed, Mar 10 2021 11:00 PM In reply to

    • Mike F Bowen
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    Re: Why is AVID Titler Plus impossible to work with?

    That's awesome, glad to hear!  And thank you for making me aware there was another update for MC.  I didn't even realize there was one and it has been a while since it was released haha.  I am off grid right now and downloaded it from my phone hotspot haha.  Happy cutting Remco


    As a side note to the update, MC definitely seems to load faster, even in the sequence I was having constant spinning wheels or crashes yesterday.  It could be my imagination, but I choose to be an optimist at this point haha  

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  • Fri, Mar 19 2021 9:55 PM In reply to

    • hletv
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    Re: Why is AVID Titler Plus impossible to work with?

    I feel your pain. I just tried using it and the level of anxiety that it gave was no joke.

    I lost that  battle and decided to edit the project  in my laptop using 2020 instead of the my imac.

    Why Avid why???? COT

  • Tue, Mar 23 2021 9:07 PM In reply to

    Re: Why is AVID Titler Plus impossible to work with?

    Just upgraded to Big Sur and MC 2021.3... was mostly hesitant about losing legacy titling.

    Titler Plus seems better than when I first tried it, as far as manipulating text, but performance is horrible. Titles have to be rendered now.  What gives?

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  • Wed, Apr 7 2021 10:17 PM In reply to

    • John Adams
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    Re: Why is AVID Titler Plus impossible to work with?


    Avid, you are NOT an industry leader. You are a follower. And we're all OK with that. Save us the grief, don't bother trying  to create new paradigms. Stick with what's already established and let us all get on with our work.

    Titler+ behaves like a broken toy right out of the box. Key commands that are universal across most design apps don't work. So much manual drag-selecting to complete simple tasks that should take a fraction of the time. That's the tip of the icebrg. Changing the leading introduces unwanted distortion. Sloppy tools and all around awkwardness.

    Follow the pack, Avid. Have a look at Adobe, there's no shame in utilizing ideas that work.


  • Thu, Apr 8 2021 10:19 AM In reply to

    • danny
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    Re: Why is AVID Titler Plus impossible to work with?

    The main problem for me is that there is no alpha channel with Titler+, so no way to use Boris FX (or other third party plugins) on titles - unlike with the old title tool. Since Boris FX is almost essential to me with Avid, this makes the whole Avid workflow impossible. This will be highlighted when I need to buy new mac hardware (and its associated new OS) and find I can no longer use the old title tool (post Mojave).

    I'm finding daVinci 17 Studio is far more flexible when it comes to manipulating text and text FX - without the annual cost of paying for Avid "upgrade" tweaks that seem to be going in the wrong direction whilst bringing us more bugs that are not being addressed. Some years ago Avid asked users in a major survey what would be useful features to implement...

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  • Wed, Apr 14 2021 10:01 PM In reply to

    • Dalida
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    Re: Why is AVID Titler Plus impossible to work with?

    Any suggestions about a third party plug-in that can substitute TItle+?


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