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  • Tue, May 19 2020 8:10 PM

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    8mm home movie film Telecine specs? & 23.98 Avid project or 24?

    Hello all, I'm in the process of getting 60 year old home movies professionally transferred by Pro8mm, with the plan to make a documentary short from them.

    Pro8 has a wide range of specs available, and before I commit to getting 3hours of footage transferred, I'd like to get a sense of what's ideal?  NONE OF THE FOOTAGE HAS SOUND. 

    They have a lot of framing options for the telecine, which are here...

    Within my budget, they offer a Production scan with the following specs available: -2048 x 1080 2k DCI  (or 2048 x 1556 2k 4x3) -Log Color Timing -Playback frame rate (UNSURE... 23.98 or 24??) -Image frame (UNSURE 16x9 or 4x3?  with Full Format Overscan)
    -Codec:  ProRes 4444.
    I was thinking of the 16x9 full frame overscan, to keep things easy, that way i don't have to do further blowups within avid and lose quality. I'm unsure about what frame rate to have everything telecined at, 23.98 or 24? They advised 24. 
    8mm tended to be shot at 18fps, so I'll be doing motion effects throughout, regardless. I'm having a small test done at 24, 16x9 with the full format overscan. 
    Any advice? I'm having 5,000 feet of film telecined so I'd like to get things right!

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    Re: 8mm home movie film Telecine specs? & 23.98 Avid project or 24?

    As a former super8 enthusiast....


    1. The frame rate is likely ~18. But old home 8mm cameras were not frame locked. It was all mechanical and fluctuated wildy (14-22 fps). I recommend 23.9 or 24.00. What ever works easier for you.

    I recommend using the MovieStuff method instead

    Scan each frame cleanly. No locked frame rate. You will get an image still sequence.


    Though Pro8mm often services Hollywood productions.


    2. Resolution wise, 8mm was not very good. I doubt you will resolve anything higher than 720p. Super8mm using Kodachrome 50 was better. But 8mm film stock @ISO 100 or higher will not resolve 2K. Super16 was just about 2K.






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