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    Re: MC 2020.4 - Export MOV in different Pixelsize ???

    If getting a stable build out for Catalina was a priority you'd expect it to come out less than half a year after a stable version of Catalina was released. "Waiting weeks longer"? They already took 30 weeks! The reason export fuctionality is gone is because Quicktime reliance has been replaced by the Universal Media Engine. If that was never going to be ready in time to keep up with OS compatibility, why force it out in the first 2020 version in the first place? An incremental update to make sure people who don't use their hardware solely for Avid can actually run the software the it would do just fine.

    I used to think Avid was being sensible by advising users not to upgrade their OS, but now that they are clearly trying to directly compete with the likes of Final Cut, Premiere and Resolve they need to wrap their heads around the fact that a computer with Avid installed isn't "an Avid" any more. If Avid wants to compete with the above NLEs and not be its own closed-off hardware and software environment it needs to seriously step up its game. Compatibility and fuctionality can't be a tradeoff like it used to be. Roll out an incremental OSX compatibility as a matter of urgency while advising caution (post houses know the difference), and roll out feature updates when they're actually ready.

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    Re: MC 2020.4 - Export MOV in different Pixelsize ???

    I guess it depends on who your market is. I deal with Post Production TV in the UK, Broadcast and indies and few of those would ever use Avid to spit out an H264. It has always been far to slow (because it uses 32 bit QT)

    SAS was the process. Nice fast and clean. Then a seperate encode to whatever on a different machine normally.

    This has been the way for over a decade of more.

    Yes you could do a slow dirty H264 using the custom option but it was so slow.

    I know how hard Avid has worked to produce a solution to apples dropping of QT and Avid could do little to move that forwards until Apple released Catalina and they then got a beta version out (all be it with limitations) as soon as they could.

    I can assure you Avid has been working very hard to improve MC and develop the changes needed to adapt the the enforced OS changes introduced by Apple.

    You can't please everyone and in my view Avid still delivers to its core user base prettyu much what they need. Many others love to jump on the Avid band wagon because of the credability it has but then expect it to behave like say Premiere.

    Just try opening a 10 year or even 15 year old Premiere project on a current system. I've done just that for Avid clients.

    Thats sort of respect for legacy compatability takes care and work. Not rushing out a new version that breaks those stremgths.


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