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  • Sun, Apr 12 2020 6:12 PM

    • jimdog
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    large video file email

    I have finished a 28 minute edited video that I want to email to friends to watch on their computers.  Exported an h264 .mov file that is just under 13gb in size.  That will take a long time to upload and download.  Is their a better codec/container to use that will retain the picture quality but make a smaller file size?  Some of my friends have Macs and some have PCs, so also need to know which codec/container will be the most likely to be compatible with everyone.

    Also, any advice about what service to upload it to, so I can send this file would be helpful.  

    Thanks very much--

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  • Sun, Apr 12 2020 6:36 PM In reply to

    • aVienna
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    Re: large video file email

    h.265 codec for video. reduce resolution to 720p or smaller and use HE-AAC for audio. use handbrake (

    expect 250 MB size for 28 minutes video with 720p resolution, and expect long transcoding duration

    send your friends a short sample to see if they can play it back

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  • Sun, Apr 12 2020 7:42 PM In reply to

    Re: large video file email

    Don't email a video. Its not what emails for. A lot of users will have a 5Mb max file limit.

    Load on vimeo or youtube and send a link.

    Or if you must use wetransfer of similar.

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  • Mon, Apr 20 2020 12:25 PM In reply to

    • Jon Hallett
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    Re: large video file email

    Hi jimdog,

    I was in a similar position recently.

    I created a 12-minute sequence in Media Composer | First from various video clips and published this to local drive - this resulted in a file of 4Gb using H.264 "Best", Linear PCM and Timecode Codecs.

    As far as I know, as Media Composer | First users, we do not have the ability to select a more efficient output codec such as H.265, and my experiments with an H.264 output setting of anything less than "Best" gave me dreadful results -  so like you I was stuck with a rather large file to distribute to friends.

    I toyed with posting DVDs out to my audience, but in the end opted for the cloud solution suggested above.

    My solution was to convert the file to MPEG2 using a Video Convertor that I obtained at modest cost from the Mac App Store. This reduced the file size to 207Mb.

    I was most unhappy with the compression artifacts when viewed on my iMac retina display but, since my audience were likely to view the finished product on mobile devices rather than high quality monitors, I thought I would give it a shot.

    Having uploaded the "master" to Dropbox, I then sent links to the Dropbox file via WhatsApp. To my surprise, my friends were delighted with the result, and I must say that it looks fine on my own iPhone and iPad!

    I should add that this was a strictly amateur undertaking (a 60th birthday montage, in point of fact), and that I am no expert at all.

    But I thought that this information may be of help to anybody like me (and you?) who is learning the Avid MC interface and tools on the free platform prior to taking the plunge with a full product subscription. Even with the highly limited set of export settings available in Media Composer | First, this gave me acceptable results and some useful output.



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  • Tue, Apr 21 2020 8:45 PM In reply to

    • jimdog
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    Re: large video file email

    Hi Jon--Thanks for that response.  What I finally did was take my exported h264  1280x720p .mov file (13gb size) and transcoded it using Handbrake, which is a free download.  I kept it as h264 (I sent a couple of short tests to my friends using h265 and several of them could not play that, they all could play the h264) 1280x720p 30fps but changed the wrapper to mp4.  The finished file size was 1.38gb.  There were some digital artifacts but pretty similar to the original.  I sent the file using  2gb or less is a free transfer on their service.  It was a 4 hour upload for me, download much faster.  But everyone was very pleased with the result.  I wish MC First had other export options.  I would actually like an uncompressed option.  However I was still pleased with the final result--

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