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    Re: Segment mode Glitch in 2019? Or is it a new behaviour?

    It's the same in 2020.5

    If you map the red and yellow segment mode tools onto the timeline toolbar, you can click them to change the state of the Smart Tool, but they don't change state themselves.  I agree that this is unhelpful and non-intuitive!

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    Re: Segment mode Glitch in 2019? Or is it a new behaviour?


    I often lasso clips in the Timeline. It puts me in Segment mode and I can move those clips.

    With 2018 and before, I could have the yellow and the red mode (pre)activated in the Segment Tool selector on the Timeline, and so after lassoing a bunch of clips, I could decide if I wanted the red arrow or the yellow arrow by aiming at the top of the bottom of a selected clip in the Timeline (hard to explain with text, I know!).

    With 2019, when I lasso clips, it just defaults to Red arrow mode. I added the arrow selector above the Timeline, and if I put it in Yellow or Red/Yellow mode before lassoing the clips, I always end up with selected clips in Red arrow mode. It's slightly annoying.

    I mapped the Arrow modes to the keyboard, so I can hit Yellow once the clips are lassoed, and this way I'm back to the "old" behaviour I'm used to: chose an arrow mode by clicking on the top or bottom of one of the selected clips as I drag them. I'd love not to have to add the extra key press though.

    Got a case going my friend on this one....... Case # 03958425

    MC 2019.x and MC 2020.x |macOS 10.14.x | Segment Mode Glitch

    Hope you are well....


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    Re: Segment mode Glitch in 2019? Or is it a new behaviour?

    Hi Marianna,

    Thanks for following up! Avid sent me a mail a week or so ago asking me to send a video of the new "bad behavior" I was witnessing. I had sent a video before, but clearly it was a new staff I had not interacted with before, Carlos. Maybe he couldn't find my video.

    So I told him, it's been fixed in 2020.4: Bug Number: MCCET-3429. The Segment mode and Trim type were reverted to default (Red/Yellow) after using the Smart Tool toggle to re-enabled the Smart Tool.

    And then I added "Maybe you could forward this to the team in charge of 2019, it should be easy to apply the fix to the next 2019.12.x release." to which Carlos replied: "Thank you for the information, I will talk to the development team to see if they can implement the fix on the next 2019 release."

    Which made me happy. And hopefully, with what you're saying (case # 03958425), this bug should be crushed in the next release...

    However... today I got a mail from yet another new guy, Fernando, and here is what he says about the bug: "I understand your point of view in relation to the segment mode tool change in Media Composer 2019. Media Composer product management decided this change due to some client's opinions. In new Media Composer version has been included the possibility to add and map button to the timeline. I hope this helps you as a workaround."

    Which basically is BS since the bug was removed in 2020.4! I'm going to reply to my new friend Fernando to let him kindly know that he didn't get what I was saying. Marianna in the meantime, if you can let development know that this bug was fixed in 2020.4, it would make it easier for them to fix it in 2019.x!


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