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  • Thu, Sep 12 2019 7:02 PM In reply to

    • John Mac
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    Re: Media Composer 2019.8 Available now!

    Hi Marianna,

    I tried installing again . This time without the extra plugin and I can now open the bins fine. 

    But it's clear you have to unistall MC first otherwise you get error message saying there is an unsupported version on the system



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  • Sat, Sep 14 2019 2:56 AM In reply to

    • ns400r
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    Re: Media Composer 2019.8 Available now!

    Installed the lastest 2019.8 without NDI plugin and getting the odd hangup when exiting. Doesn't always happen, but it does happen and it does the white screen Windows 10 crash....didn't do this in the last release...




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  • Mon, Sep 16 2019 8:05 PM In reply to

    • adamsonn
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    Re: Media Composer 2019.8 Available now!

    I have to say that this is a seriously bad release - very sluggish - often needs a restart -very disappointed in how unuasable this release is - will revert back to 2019.7 and await the next release 

    Hopefully this will fix it 

    Also whats the story with the NDI plug in? Surely a bit more information as to if and why this is would be needed instead of being confronted with it for the first time during an install?



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  • Wed, Sep 18 2019 1:46 PM In reply to

    • VideoTim
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    Re: Media Composer 2019.8 Available now!

    Loving the new release! I resisted the update because of all the changes and while they will take some time to get used to it runs very smoothly. I also am really liking the new level of customization to the user interface. Nice work Avid.

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  • Sun, Sep 29 2019 11:50 PM In reply to

    • cls105
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    Re: Media Composer 2019.8 Available now!

    Yeah its pretty stable.  I still have issues with what monitors I want to use.

    I wish it was easier to setup my 3 monitors with full screen playback.

    Force Media Composer to use

    1 selected monitor for composer and timeline

    1 other monitor for bins.

    And absolutely nothing on 3 except full screen playback.  Sometimes this monitor is my very left monitor and Media Composer really wants to use that left monitor for GUI when it's the last thing I want.

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