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  • Tue, Aug 13 2019 12:46 PM

    Problem with Interplay WS CheckInAAF


    I have problems with the Interplay Web Service API and the CheckInAAF request. I use a third-party python library to generate an AAF file from MXF OP Atom files (1 Video, 4 Audio tracks). This is working fine. I can import this AAF into Avid MC and all video and audio tracks are online.

    Then I tried to CheckIn this AAF file into Avid Interplay using the Web Services API. The SOAP request is working fine and gives me a new Interplay URI. The new masterclip is also visible in Interplay Access. There is only 1 problem:

    The masterclip is only marked as a single Masterclip in Interplay Access but is not referencing any assets (in fact, the AAF is referencing mxf op atom files on ISIS storage which is working fine). The problem with this is, that we can't delete the masterclip and all its media files from Interplay Access now. All other Metadata (duration, name ..) of the masterclip is shown correctly.

    If I import the AAF into Avid MC, MC recognizes all corresponding mxf files (assets) and I can also mark those to delete them from the ISIS storage.

    For testing purposes I tried to generate an AAF file with Avid MC and to CheckIn this AAF using Interplay WS. This is working fine and all assets are referenced and can be deleted from Interplay Access.

    What is the problem here? Maybe Interplay WS needs some additional metadata within the AAF? The AAF itself seems to be OK. Here are both AAF files as well as some screenshots from Interplay Access:


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    Re: Problem with Interplay WS CheckInAAF

    Hi there,

    Please use the Avid Media Toolkit (AMT) to generate supported AAFs and let us know if you see issues with that.


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    Re: Problem with Interplay WS CheckInAAF


    where do I get the AMT?

    I only found this Mail-Adress to get evaluated (for a license I think?):

    I wrote an E-Mail 1 month ago but didn't get any answer yet.

    Thank you


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