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    Re: Completely Re-imagined

    Co-editor I work with brought an old mouse mat that has an Avid keyboard printed on it. We had to explain to our assistant that the scissors and weightlifter were not a joke or some kind of April Fool. She just didn't believe it, but ended saying that it was a pair of cool icons.

    Back on the subject: is Avid considering a Linux version? With Apple abandoning the ship, it would be nice to have alternatives and being able to use GPU power in a way Windows doesn't deliver.

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    Re: Completely Re-imagined

    I personally do not give a pack about UI changes, not even the return of the weightlifter, I'd happily trade them for better AMA performance, better AMA media management (have You ever tried to open the media tool lately?), better interoperability with other environments, real indipendence resolution (FramFlex is a PITA), a linux version, the dropping of 32 bit QT, full support for ProRes in Windows, not to mention what cls105 said, and many other feature requests now pending for ages. If the UI refresh is the outcome of the ACA "shaping the future", it seems to me that marketing has priority over everything else.

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    Re: Completely Re-imagined


    Yes, it's NOT a reskin, it's a fully new backend, you can tell form the new features.

    1. Considering the introduction of background rendering *and* distrib network rendering it is *definitely* a full rewrite, not some reskin - this kind of work takes long years. I wonder if they went with the old Fusion approach (which was great) ie distrib rendering is for timeline/viewport support, while bkg rendering is for offiline outputs/renders...? If the latter, is Deadline support coming...?
    Distrib render looks like a timeline/viewport supporting feature: